Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Rent Experience | Shit landlords say

Quick disclaimer:
Okay I'll admit, the following post was written in anger. Anger that may or may not have been spurred on by the excessive stresses that come with buying your first home, so where all of the below is true, my feelings towards them may be exaggerated...a tiny bit...

In celebration of our emancipation from the shackles of renting properties from thieves, crooks and downright con artists, here are some of the funniest things I've heard from my previous landlords in relation to housing issues, costs and their general idiocy and refusal to undertake their jobs or duties.

Upon the shower going cold after 10 minutes and calling to get this fixed

* Showers only stay hot for 10 minutes, that's the nature of showers, I don't see why you and your partner need more then 10 minutes of hot water.

Upon pointing out there is no extractor fan in our bathroom and damp had started surfacing

* Damp isn't a health risk.

After letting himself and a trades 'friend' in to have a look at some repairs that needed done...while we were out with no prior warning!

*Ach I just let myself in.

Upon finding out that their coveted 'counter lights' feature in the kitchen doesn't even work

* You don't need under counter lights to live the property is livable without them.

After living in the property for a total 30 seconds and noticing the fridge doesn't even close

* You don't need a fridge to live, just keep it closed with some heavy books.

After meeting with the landlord to discuss the damp, leaks, creaks and disrepair in his structure...

* That weed in the driveway is 'out of control'

After meeting number 2 about the damp, leaks, creaks and disrepair in the house

* Oh no damp, that leak from the previous tenant is back is it?

After refusing to lower the rent despite the structure quite literally falling a part!

* £900PCM

After being too embarrassed to show potential new tenants around the property himself because of the damage he had left for near 10 months!

* Just you show people around to re-let the property

(Said on a Thursday) Less than 1 week until our big move we should drop everthing...

* Can't you show 2 / 3 people around before Saturday?

Honestly guys sometimes while I was renting I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or become a homicidal maniac (could you really blame me) all I have to say is my thoughts and prayers are with those still renting from private landlords. I have literally never come across one who is willing or able to do their jobs correctly, or care for their tenants in the slightest (oh and did I mention the costs they're attempting to charge for their 'services' yeah see ya!)

As you guys know I love a good rant so please be sure to share your thoughts, musings and heinous landlord experiences in the comments below! But as per you can catch me and my shiny new home on Twitter and Instagram as well as more from the blog on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm free at last!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. I rented for almost ten years and had ONE good landlord in all that time. Not even in the nicest place I lived, as a leak from upstairs resulted in a toadstool sprouting in the kitchen overnight! My favourite quote was when a letting agent claimed that a skirting board (actually damaged by someone they hired to deliver a sofa) had been "chewed" - WTF

    1. Wow that's crazily bad! Yeah I rented from two separate landlords over the last 5 years and neither one were very helpful. In one case the flat was in Torry and our landlords lived in Inverurie - not very practical when things went wrong at all! After the second landlord I vowed never again I hated it!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  2. Oh my, you should hear the s*** we have to put up with in New York! I am lucky with my landlords, but a friend of mine got a bed bug infestation and the landlord said it was her fault for going to a "hippy" school (AKA one of the most prestigious Universities in the city.) Some landlords have a special place in hell designated for them...


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