Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Eat Local, Eat Filthy | Filthy Gorgeous Aberdeen

You know those mad food combinations you often dream about, you know the ones, cookies with crisps, fries in chocolate milkshake (this apparently is a thing!) deep fried delights and cheese on pretty much everything?  Those combinations you think, no that's mad I'll just settle for a plain chips and burger? Well dash it all to hell, in Filthy Gorgeous nothing is off limits and I for one am thankful, hungry and admittedly a little terrified of what this new Aberdeen eatery may do to my waistline. But on this day, this day of the #FGbloggerbrunch I didn't give two hoots.

Filthy Gorgeous comes from the (probably filthy) mind of Darren Campbell who, having spent much of his working life in various restaurants and all walks of the foodie scene, saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it with his very own Filthy Gorgeous. Not to be mistaken with popular dive burger joints, Filthy Gorgeous has a neatly presented distinctly indie decor complete with a sparkling chandelier and rounded off with a very modern photo booth (you know in case you want a before and after photograph of your culinary choices) and was a joy to sit in with my fellow bloggers for the afternoon.

The menu however, is quite another story. Distinctly filthy food, burgers and hot dogs with cereals, maple syrup and cheese galore and crazy culinary creations such as fries topped with marshmallows (correct fries TOPPED with marshmallows) sugared bacon milkshakes and even dead unicorn sundaes (we'll get to that later) of course I couldn't wait to give all of these a go, but alas my stomach cannot contain so much food so some tough decisions had to be made, but here are were my choices for that particular afternoon;

Main Event; I Dream of Weenie, a frostie crusted Chicago style smoked beef frank, cheese fondue with maple onions

Sides; Sweet Potato Fries with marshmallow & bacon shrapnel

Dessert; Dead Unicorn Sundae, jack and chocolate ice cream, a scoop of bitter cherry sorbet, Persian fairy floss, marshmallow, magic sprinkles and a sugar cone.


Unfortunately being the ninny I am and being altogether too excited for the food I didn't notice their milkshakes on offer so I had to sit through my meal staring jealously at the other girls who weren't too impatient to order one. Luckily I managed to get a great shot of Sarah's (blogs vlogs etc) Moopocalypse Cow milkshake which boasts chocolate fudge milk and chocolate ice cream topped with crumbled brownies (below)

As far as burger joints go, usually I'll roll my eyes and go 'ugh not another one'  but Filthy Gorgeous is unlike any burger joint I've visited thus far, unafraid of delving into the unusual, unabashedly filthy and what can I say they're simply a gorgeous new eatery all round and well worth a visit if you're up the Granite City way!

You can find Filthy Gorgeous on the booming Netherkirkgate in Aberdeen's city centre.

And of course you can find me and my very own Filthy Gorgeous self on the usual socials, TwitterInstagram and Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, eat filthy, eat gorgeous, eat mallow fries!

H.Elizabeth x

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