Friday, 7 October 2016

Make up lovers, Frost Yourselves | Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Highlight Palette Review

Who doesn't want to glow like the July summer sun? Well, me actually, I'd far rather glow in a cool manner, like the snow in December and thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills and their latest Moon Child glow kit I am able to do just that.

I first saw the Moon Child palette on a Nikki Tutorials You Tube video and then perhaps again on a Jeffree Star video but I really can't remember, and I sort of popped it on my list of products I would love but can't really justify the cost (particularly when being shipped from 'murica - ironically named land of the free...) But one day I threw caution to the wind (I saved my pennies) and decided to splurge and treat ma self... and my make up artistry kit to a brand new highlight palette... guess which one I went for?

After ordering the kit from the Anastasia official website I decided I best not hold my breath for a delivery within three weeks since I know the Kylie Kits come from America and can take up to five weeks to arrive. I was surprised, shocked and elated when a package arrived on my desk within a week of ordering (big props to Anastasia!) and it and life, was once again beautiful and frosted to a shimmery perfection.

One thing I noticed, other than the glitter, gorgeousness and general beauty of the product was the size of the highlighters themselves. Granted when you're paying over £50 for a palette you expect some substance but the pans were wider than I expected and you got so much more than I was at first anticipating which is always a plus when buying make up online. And of course the next thing....was the swatches!

(Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, Blue Moon)

Now as you can see the colours are pretty much as they are described. The only colour I think I haven't yet used for highlighting purposes has been lucky clover...mainly because it'll make me feel like a leprechaun, but I'm sure I'll one day find a use for it. You know, like St Patricks day.... My favourite so far has been Pink Heart, it is maybe the most subtle of the six but I have found it's a great everyday highlighter, though I'm really looking forward to using the more blue and silver shades in the winter time  and during party season. Also I've heard that these area great as an inner corner highlight - which I can totally see working but haven't tried myself yet.

Have you ever given an Anastasia Glow Kit a bash? What did you think of it? Or what are your favourite highlighters, I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for newbies (even with this one in my glittering, glistening collection!) Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions below, come share them with me on Twitter, or if you'd just like to see this bad boy in action come find me on Instagram.

Until next time, FROST YOURSELVES!

H.Elizabeth x

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