Sunday, 16 October 2016

Grab a Slice of The Action | Revolution Aberdeen's New Pizza Menu

Pizza Aberdeen

You could say I have been a little anti social recently. Whenever someone messages me odds are I'll bury myself in my duvet and give out a whole lotta nope. Maybe it has something to do with how busy I have been outside of my social life of late, maybe it's something else, who knows? All I know is that the only thing that was strong enough to entice me from my pit was the promise of pizza and luckily for me, my trusty old haunt, Revolution was on hand to help.

Revolution are known in Aberdeen for being a one stop shop for pretty much everything. A quiet ladies lunch on a heated balcony? Yes. Some quick grub on your break in the bar? Pretty much. Cocktails to die for? TO DIE FOR! But recently there has been a pizza shaped hole in Revolution's life and thankfully they knew just how to fill it - with all of the pizza you could ask for.

Pizza Aberdeen

Pizza Aberdeen

From tried and tested tastes like the margarita pizza oozing with cheese, to some more acquired tastes like their new 'The Beet Goes On' pizza dripping with artichoke puree, goats cheese and beetroot to name but a few ingredients, Revolution are peddling their pizza to the masses, and my mass was in for a treat when myself and my fellow Abzchat bloggers were treated to an exclusive menu preview on the last sunny day of the season!

Given I was driving that day I was going sans cocktail, there's a first for everything guys, but I did enjoy several gorgeous mocktails, so to all you drivers, pregnant ladies and t totallers out there go for a Naked Sunset they're also to die. Carnage was to follow, a blogger free for all if you will, as the steamy, oozy, fresh from the oven pizzas were delivered to our table alongside some tasteful side orders of fries and onion rings. It was a sea of pens flying in the air, lipstick everywhere, diaries bashing one another faces, pizza in places it really shouldn't be and the cheese, my god the cheese!

Of course I am kidding, we Granite City Gals are all very civilised! We all got to taste each and every pizza on the menu (admittedly the goats and feta varieties were not something I would be tempted to order for myself) and favourites were declared, one favourite being the Asian Satay Chicken variety - not my personal fave but one of. Me I like a Hot Italian. Pizza that is. Complete with pepperoni, cured ham, peppers, garlic mushrooms, a tomato sauce and topped with fresh mozzarella I ask my fellow meat eaters and spice lovers - what's not to like?

After a good catch up, several mocktails and a mountain of pizza I was ready to roll on home (and my bladder was ready to burst) but it won't be farewell forever from me. Since I'm already planning my next visit with my other half when it's payday once again.

The Revolution pizza menu launched on Wednesday the 12th of October, find out more by visiting their Facebook page or better yet pop in and visit them yourselves...and bring me?

Until next time folks, go grab yourselves a pizza the action.

H.Elizabeth x

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