Friday, 16 September 2016

We bought a house | Our New House Video Tour

Fun new game. Drink every time there is a jittery camera movement that makes you want to be sick! Okay, I'm not a videographer but this called for something a little more special than the standard 'little life update' posts that saturate lifestyle blogger websites, this called for a celebratory video (obviously, what else?)

So we bought a house, we're so excited, over the moon, spit in your eye, kick you in the crotch fantastically happy, or to put that more simply, we are chuffed and today I bring you our very informal house tour featuring my very own house elf (let's see if you can spot him!) 

I'm excited to now be a part of a whole new blogging community that congregates around telling you how you should be decorating and putting to shame any of you who don't feature any marble in the house (that's right...apparently as home owners we can do that now!) You guy have so much content to look forward to right here!

Until next time folks, decking oot ma hoose!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. House looks absolutely amazing!! Can't wait to see how you decorate it. Could you do a blog post on tips on how to save for a house or how you did it?

  2. Loving your new house! Canna wait to see it a decked oot!! Hope you have many happy years in your new home xx


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