Friday, 23 September 2016

To Boldly Go Where No MAC Has gone before | MAC X Star Trek Haul

There aren't many MAC collaborations that excite me if I'm completely honest, Cinderella collection, I could take or leave, I wasn't enthused about Ellie Goulding particularly either and as for Brooke Sheilds... nah. But when I caught word of MAC's brand new Star Trek collection I was pretty over the moon (haaaa... see what I did there?) So of course, having been scorned before, I (boldly) decided to take my orders digital and get my MAC x Star Trek fix in a more futuristic fashion (online ordering folks..) And today, of course and as ever, I thought I would share my picks with you from the collection, or rather what my bank balance and stocks held by MAC would allow!

Trip the Light Fantastic Pressed Powder in Luna Lustre;
A soft rose shimmer highlight that looks so galactically good on your cheekbones!

Trip the Light Fantastic Pressed Powder in Highly Illogical;A blush or a highlight? The best of both (or all) worlds in this pan of golden, plum, rosy pearlescent powder.

Pressed pigment shadow in To boldly go...;A new, shimmery pressed pigment in a red / copper colour (so sparkly though, I can't wait to use this one in the Autumn / Winter months)

Lipstick in Where no man has gone before;So gorgeous and swirly in colour I almost don't want to use it! This looks golden in the bullet but when swatched gives off some beautiful pink / gold hues (rose gold lipstick ladies...ROSE GOLD!)

(L-R: Lipstick, pigment shadow, highly illogical, luna lustre)
Okay now MAC... you and I quite clearly need to have a sit down and a chat about your antics of this last year, you've put a strain on my bank balance, on my marriage... and worse still, on my make up bags...Now there will be no more collabs (until I can afford it) You will not pioneer or release the next 'must have' make up item, and no you will not tempt me with another lipstick...enough is enough! 

Were you lucky enough to pick up some goodies from this out of this world, galactic collection? What are your top picks I'd love to hear what you thought in the comments below, on Twitter and be sure to check out my latest 'looks' using these goodies on Instagram.

Until next time folks, I have boldly gone...where pretty much every MAC fan has gone before.

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Im so happy MAC brought out a Star Trek collection that actually does the show justice i was worried it was going to be a crappy effort but im actually quite surprised haha

    1. I feel like the quality in MAC has been on the slide a little lately but this collab boosted my confidence in them. I love these products and they're just beautiful!

      Hannah x


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