Wednesday, 14 September 2016

August in an Insta | My month in Instas

Admittedly I've done a lot of stressful things in my life, self inflicted. Back in 2014 I decided that yes, I could in fact complete my fourth year dissertation, graduate, change jobs twice, plan and action a wedding, and yes juggle this here blog in addition to all of that. Though nothing, I repeat nothing could prepare me for August 2016, aka, the most stressful 31 days of my entire life. First time buyers beware - I left two and a half months (after we found 'the one') and it still wasn't enough time for the banks, their solicitors or the letting agent to get their shins together! (Anyone fancy a scather of a review on any parties involved? Hit me or my very disgruntled Twitter feed up)

However we did have some good times this August, Nick and I celebrated two years of matrimonial bliss, I visited Livingston Designer Outlet (my favourite place on Earth - well in Scotland anyway) one of my besties celebrated her 29th birthday, I got inked (again) and we EVENTUALLY, closed on our dream home!

#1. (Sorry guys I can't remember if it was July but I'm going to count it as August) The girls and I (the girls being Sarah, Katherine, Laura and Julia) stayed at Skene House for a fun filled girls night where I not only enjoyed some fabulous company but one of the greatest sleeps of my life! To read more about my full Skene House experience follow THIS link.

#2 I died and went to heaven again this month with the fam. Heaven being Livingston Designer Outlet, where I got brand new goodies for our new home, hauled ass at French Connection and went a bit crazy at the Cosmetics Company.

#3 The girls and I got together once again this month to enjoy the culinary delights of the independent Books and Beans cafe in Aberdeen. You can again read my full review and expereice by following THIS link.

#4 I got inked... again...for like the 7th time. I haven't quite revealed my newest addition yet as it is still healing ever so slightly but stick around for the 'big reveal' soon to become a part of something even bigger  (if I have my way!)

#5 New products, new looks. I have been experimenting with even more new and different products this month, my favourite to do being the gorgeous purple eye you see above - super fast, super subtle and in real life, super sparkly.

#6 One of my besties celebrated her 29th birthday this month and I celebrated by embarrassing her with this throwback pic of the two of us 5 years ago. Shot glass necklaces? So on trend don't you know?

#7 Don't look I'm Naked. This month I discovered the Naked range by Urban Decay - already being a huge fan of their setting sprays and eye shadows it's safe to say they have now taken over my skin. I love using this alongside my tried and tested Arbonne foundation as well as my Naked concealer. Full review pending!

#8 For the many, many folks asking just why I wear foundation and 'cover my freckles' I posted a quickie before and after picture towards the end of this month showing the true struggle my skintone faces. Come rain, come shine that uneven patchy skin tone reigns supreme on my face and that ladies and gents is why I wear foundation (In actual fact I LOVE my freckles but just don't love my tone!)

#9 And finally I bought even MORE Kylie Cosmetics products - I have refrained from buying her eye shadow palettes I'm strictly a lippy lover!

Most of you will be aware if you've been on my Twitter or Facebook page that we do have a big life change a coming but due to set backs and various bodies dragging their feet (and brain cells) we have had to pop that on hold and that in case you were wondering, is why it does not feature in my August in an insta post this month. But stick around for September and I hope we'll be hitting the ground running!

And these were supposed to be short posts! Well guys as usual you can catch me on the channels I love so dearly, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin etc. Be sure to leave any and all (nice and polite) comments in the box below.

Until next time folks, August sure passed in an Insta!

H.Elizabeth x

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