Friday, 19 August 2016

Worlds Best Cup of Coffee | Bloggers, Books and Beans

You did it, congratulations Books and Beans... World's best cup of coffee, great job everyone! (Will Ferrell fans and Christmas lovers will get that one)

Seriously though the majority of my spare time you can probably find me in my local Starbucks setting myself up with a caffeine drip for the day. Yes I am unashamedly a Starbucks addict, but that doesn't mean to say I don't appreciate, adore even, smaller, local coffee chains, and lucky for me and my fellow blogging gals (Sarah of Blogs Vlogs Etc, Laura of The Floral Elephant and actually courtesy of Katherine of Katherine Elizabeth Official) we were about to experience one of the Granite City's finest caffeine dispensaries the city has to offer.
I have never visited a coffee shop quite like Books and Beans, set in the heart of Aberdeen on the ever popular Belmont Street, Books and Beans offers a unique experience to cake and coffee lovers and a haven for both caffeine junkies (myself) and book lovers a like. With a vast array of second hand books you're free to paroose and purchase should you choose all while you enjoy confections, sandwiches, wraps and coffees from their equally vast menu selections! (Did I also mention they are fair trade and able to cater for all dietary requirements including vegan? Yeah let that tidbit sink in)

We were lucky enough to visit Books and Beans one fine summer Sunday this month to sample their menu and enjoy the full Books and Beans experience (though admittedly we were more Gossip Girl than George Elliot) We were first treated to two taster soups with toasted bread, coconut and sweet potato and lentil with red pepper. Being the sweet gal I am of course the coconut and sweet potato was right up my street! Our soup was closely followed by a vast array of wraps, sandwiches and (perhaps most important of all) cake, cakes of all variety, pan, tray bake, muffin, you name it (or simply dare put it in front of us) then we pretty much devoured it.
Rotund, rolling down the street, and sufficiently stuffed we trotted off on our way after a delight of an afternoon in one of the only fair trade, independent cafes in Aberdeen we left with (not only a caffeine buzz) a new firm favourite blogger haunt, and a list of books to buy as long as our arms! If by chance you find yourself in the area, bleary eyed, cold or just in need of that all important cake and coffee fix then I highly suggest making Books and Beans your go to (it's certainly mine now!)

As usual you can catch me and my cake hole on all of the usual channels (usually stuffed with cake also) Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more from the blog on Bloglovin (though I must say that too is usually filled with cake)

Until next time folks, worlds best cup of coffee!!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Books & Beans was one of my favourite spots when I was living in the city because my flat was just a couple of minutes away, I miss it so much! It's such a great little gem x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. It's so great and their selection just keeps getting better and better, although selfishly hoping not too many folks discover it or it's going to become overpopulated like CUP!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  2. This place looks amazing! I'll definitely have to remember it for when Euan and I ever go up to visit his parents!

    Alana x // A Rose For Epona


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