Friday, 12 August 2016

Girls Night in | Skene House Aberdeen

As much as it can be said that I enjoy getting dolled up and going out (well the dolled up part anyway) but there is nothing, I say nothing that I enjoy more than a girls night in. So when Sarah of Blogs Vlogs Etc invited myself alongside a few of our other blogging gal pals (Katherine of Katherine Elizabeth Official, Laura of The Floral Elephant and Julia of Just Julia) for a night of pampering with Body n Sol, jewels with a Stella and Dot style consultation and all in the gorgeous settings of Skene House Rosemount in Aberdeen I was more than chuffed to partake in the girly festivities.

Of course being a Granite City baby I had never stayed in a city centre hotel or apartment before - why would I when I have a home to go back to? But after visiting Skene House for the evening I think I may just make a habit of not going back to my own bed every evening (I'm sorry's not you.. it's me...honest) A 5 minute walk from Aberdeen's city centre, located in a quiet area with lots of small local businesses and not to mention stylishly decorated (aka. a blogging gals dream) and comfortable, Skene Apartments are fab for hen weekends, trekking the city with the family, or maybe like me you fancied trying out a new and exciting mattress, the perfect setting for our blogger gals night in!

What can I say? In traditional girls night fashion there were cocktails, pyjamas, an insane amount of junk food and hilarity ensued as it tends to do. We were treated to manicures (for myself, Julia and Laura), lash tints (for Sarah) and brow shaping (for Katherine) by the lovely, talented ladies from Body n Sol and then a style consultation by renowned online jewellery brand, Stella and Dot (fun fact the name Stella and Dot came from the names of the two owners Grandmothers - so cute) As you can see I've taken a few pictures of my favourite pieces but otherwise I don't want to go into too much detail about the individual bits and pieces today but if you'd like a Stella and Dot centric post be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. (Also potentially coming up a scathing review of the Deliveroo service in Aberdeen... guys just walk for your food it'll be faster and hotter!)

How amazing are these frames which Sarah of Blogs Vlogs Etc made for us!

#IWokeUpLikeThis and the reason I woke up like this is because I slept like a baby! (Then dipped my face in some cosmetics) Skene Apartments definitely have my vote in comfort, style and value for money I only wish we didn't have to check out!

Big shout out to Sarah once again for organising our girls night in with Skene House and of course everyone else who contributed to making it a very special evening for us (a part from you Deliveroo..) If you want any information on Skene Apartment stays be sure to visit their website otherwise you can find all other links above and my socials at the following, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I did TOO wake up like this!

H.Elizabeth x

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