Wednesday, 17 August 2016

False Lash 101 | Cleaning your False Eyelashes

Since my first every post on my false lash obsession I've had a lot of questions, ranging from how do you put them on every day, where do you buy them, which brand has the best lash and perhaps my most asked question, 'can you reuse them and if so how do you clean them?' To which I usually quippily reply, 'you think I buy new lashes eryday, honey how much money do you think I have?' what a dedicated soul (large bank balance) you must think I have! So today I thought I would dedicate an entire post to how I do just that. Cleaning and caring for your false lashes. 

Given the proper cleansing routine and of course a steady and delicate hand your lashes should last you approximately 3 weeks (not of course accounting for nights out or big events which can make lashes decidedly gross and fit for the bin)  But before I get in to how to clean your lashes and store them properly I just want to mention a couple of things that have the potential to ruin your lashes before cleaning even begins. Removal. Removal of your lashes is key to keeping your false lashes AND your natural lashes in tip top condition, pulling, yanking, ripping or of course sleeping with them on even is a sure fire way to pretty much burn your money and wreck all of your lashes. So, no matter how tired (drunk) you are, how (much of a wimp) scared you are you must remove them before bed (and you know wash, cleanse, moisturise all that jazz) 

1) Carefully peel your lashes off , if they stick use an oil based make up remover and a cotton bud working from the outside inwards.

2) Using small tweezers pick any noticeable glue from the lash band and then bend them back into a 'natural eye shape'

3) If your lashes are looking a bit grotty (bleh!!) then spritz them with an alcohol solution and keep them in a clean dry place.

4) Store your lashes back in the tray they came in alongside the glue (bit of a practical move there!) and they'll be all ready and waiting for you next time!

Another tip would be to avoid using any mascara on your lashes, I realise people say they 'bind' the lashes and make them look more natural but when applied properly and right at the edge of the lash line I haven't noticed very much of a difference. Otherwise there isn't very much to it, you know treat them like your furry babies and make sure they're tucked in safe at night and that's about it! Hopefully this has cleared up any questions you may have had about your totally natural lashes (wink wink) but any questions for me be sure to leave them in the comments section below, come have a chin wag with me on Twitter, visit my Insta or keep up with my latests on Bloglovin.

                                                    Until next time folks, don't be a wimp!

                                                                          H.Elizabeth x


  1. Very helpful thanks! Where would you get alcohol solution from to clean them, I've never heard of it?

    1. You can get an alcohol solution from most beauty outlet stores, like Sally Beauty or Capital. Most specified brush cleaners are of a similar solution so you could always pop some in a spray bottle and use that to give them a light spritz also.

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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