Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A whole other dimension | Eylure 3D Lashes No 119

3D lashes, have you ever heard of anything more marvelous in your entire life? Well maybe a 4D experience lash which will single handedly create their own wind (how can I grow if you won't let me blow comes to mind here) but perhaps that's a technological leap for another day. Today as you perhaps could have guessed I'm going to be talking about a brand new type of lash that has hit the stands with Eylure recently with a layered '3D' lash that promises to offer the wearer length and volume. I have been using these in number 119 for a month or two now and these, alongside my favourite textured lashes, are my new daily go to. Sorry it has taken quite so long for me to review these given I have been using them for quite a long time, but I did want to see how long one set lasted as well as give an overall in depth review, so without further ado let's do this (3D Glasses at the ready..)

3D Lashes
The first thing I noticed about the lashes of course was the double band, having been used to wearing a lash that has one very thin and flimsy band I was worried these new, improved, double, super wham bam lashes would be too heavy on the eye  or perhaps that the band would be overly obvious and make me look (more) fake, but that hasn't been the case. In fact since wearing them I've had more people ask 'what my secret is' to long and healthy lashes which of course I still myself do not know, but hell if I had wanted to tell folks I did an egg eye wash or caked them in Vaseline every night I'm sure I'd have duped many. Where yes in reality these lashes give me a more doll like appearance than my natural piggy eyed state as they fan to the sides slightly and really 'open up' the eye - which is fab for someone with a hooded eye like myself.

Another thing I've been pleasantly surprised by is just how much more comfortable I've been finding them. As opposed to a singular band which can come loose at the sides relatively easily and give that all too familiar stabbing sensation we lash wearers have all come to know and loathe, these feel more secure and last all day (yes gals even though hayfever season - or you know ugly crying at the season finale of Friends)

In their collection I belieive at the moment Eylure only offer another one set of 3D lashes the 111's which I have also tried but don't give as 'natural' a look as the 119's. At the moment I have about 3 sets of these ready and rearing to go (shout out to Superdrug and their 3 for 2's) but these last around 3 / 4 weeks if you clean them properly and of course remove them carefully!

Just as a quickie reminder, if you need a quick crash course on false lash application I have a 3 step super simple false lashes in a flash tutorial that you can read through right HERE.

Which lashes do you love or loathe? I'd personally love to hear your suggestions, comments and favourites in the box below, come share your best brands with me on Twitter, or of course keep up with my other channels, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin etc, etc.

Until next time folks, 3D glasses at the ready!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. These look gorgeous! I probably wouldn't have ever picked these up before reading this but now I really need to try them, they look stunning and sound perfect for me x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. They are my new favourite! Let me know if you give them a try I'd love to see them on someone else!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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