Friday, 15 July 2016

Kylie Cosmetics | 22, Posie K & Exposed Swatches

Eight! I have bought eight Kylie Cometics lip products to date. The cost of these little suckers doesn't even bare thinking about, but what can I say? I'm OBSESSED! Not with the Kardashians, not with the Jenners, hell not even with Kylie's lips, I'm simply obsessed with these products. These lip kits are hands down the best liquid lipstick forumlas I have ever tried. Their lip liners, as I mentioned previously really deserve a post of their own given how creamy and easy to apply they are and just how well they prepare your lips for the coming products. Their lipstick companions just complement them so, so well and I can now say that I have bought every colour I have wanted in the collection (so far) having completed my lip kit fam with 22, Posie K and Exposed (in addition to a metallic and a gloss which I'll post about separately.

When I first saw some of these shades such as 22 and Exposed I was a bit like, 'nah' 22 is a deep orangey-red colour which I just wasn't sure would suit me. But when I saw those swatches.... lordy I needed one! 22 has actually earned a place with one of my favourite lip colours ever and I have been rocking this shade these last few weeks when I've been feeling particularly summery with a pared back, neutral eye and fluttery lashes. Exposed grew on me once I saw Kylie herself wearing it in an instagram post, it looked very much like a nude I didn't have in my collection (I was wrong) Exposed is very much a toffee coloured lip colour which admittedly I was a bit disappointed with as all of the online swatches made it look significantly lighter, but it's still a gorge colour all the same. Posie K I KNEW wasn't going to be the colour as all of the swatches I had seen online but I had expected it to be quite a bit darker than my other love Koko K, I was right. Posie is a deeper pink / purple shade that is gorgeous for making a look that bit more girly. I've been loving pairing this one with a defined vintage eye using a brown gel to make the look a  bit softer.

And guys, now I feel fully justified in my purchases. In total I now have 8 Kylie Cosmetics products including 6 of the highly sought after lip kits - if you want to read my first impressions review of Koko K, Dolce K and Mary Jo K click this link right here for swatches and musings and all sorts. Otherwise and yet again I hope you have enjoyed, perhaps found this helpful and got more of an idea of how these kits look on the palest of pale. Tell me have you bought any of these kits? How have you found using them? Love to hear your thoughts, opinions, experiences and brain farts in the comments section below. Otherwise you can catch me on the usual channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Until next time folks, EIGHT!

H.Elizabeth x

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