Monday, 11 July 2016

Beauty News | Kat Von D Cosmetics is coming to Debenhams

Now if that title isn't enough to make you sqee with enjoyment, euphoria and excitement then perhaps you've never tried the Kat Von D beauty range. At present the Kat Von D Cosmetics range has not been widely available to UK buyers other than on  Sephora's website or if you've been lucky enough to go abroad and get your mitts on such things, but finally, FINALY it is coming to Debenhams stores across the UK and I could not be more excited!

I remember hearing about Kat Von D's cosmetics range way back when it first launched and I've got to be honest I was not too impressed and found it all a bit gimmicky, and back in 2008 when a celebrity released a product it wasn't anything to scream and shout about. Boy was I mistaken! Kat Von D brought her own personal, creative and artistic flair to the brand and completely changed the way I would view celebrity branded cosmetics for good. 

In her range so far I have sampled her liners (blacker than black might I add!) her lip ranges (which rival my Kylie Cosmetics kits I may also add) and swatched her Lock It Tattoo foundation to death (something I'll be grabbing with both hands and dear life!)  So when mid September rolls around you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be first in line at my local Debenhams stocking up for my kit...well myself mostly, but my kit too.

How excited are you for this range to be coming to the UK? Have you tried any of her products before? I'd love to hear your thoughts, excitements and general musings in the comments below. As always though you can catch me on my various social channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time folks, squeeing with excitement!

H.Elizabeth x

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