Friday, 3 June 2016

You're making me blush | Hannah Adams Make Up Artistry has a new home!

Quickie, quickie update from me today just to announce a very exciting new venture for my little make up artistry business which I am pleased to announce has a brand new home! As of this weekend I will be offering make up artistry services every weekend from Blush Boutique in Aberdeen's city centre. For those of you who don't live in the good old Granite City, Blush Boutique began as a blow dry bar back in 2014 and quickly climbed to THE destination to get yo hair did on a Friday or Saturday before hitting the tiles. Since then they have come on leaps and bounds and are currently expanding their team of hairstylists as well as taking on brand new therapists, a make up artist (me) and nail technicians so they truly are becoming a one stop shop for all of your beauty needs.

Of course if you are a member of the glorious Granite City and you'd quite like to get your glam on be sure to call the salon for an appointment with me or drop me a line on Facebook. As per you can catch me lurking and making myself and others over on the usual channels, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc and more from the blog by checking my out on Bloglovin

Until next time folks, stop it you're making me blush!

H.Elizabeth x

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