Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Not another MAC Haul | My Recent MAC Haul

It's for the kit, I swear it's for the kit... well at the very least it's for research purposes! Yes I am indeed coming back to you today with another MAC haul but this time guys, I didn't buy ANY lip products of any description (I'll pause right here for the gasps) nope instead I ventured forth into some more weird and wonderful products that MAC have had to offer the beauty world of late and today I'd like to share just what I picked up this time.

MAC Eye brushes (217 and 224)
Though I do love my Zoeva brushes sometimes you've just got to see what else is out there you know. And as the beauty bloggers and vloggers of the world have been screaming and SCREAMING about the MAC 217 brush I thought why not? It is a flat eye brush which I think I'll use to pick up and apply pigment as well as shading and blending. The 224 brush I picked up on a whim, I love crease brushes and this one looks as though it will deliver some more precise application than my current Zoeva crease brush does.

MAC Mini Prep and Prime Fix + Spray
Prep and prime has been around in the beauty world since the times of yore. It can be sprayed on your bare face to absorb additional moisture into the skin and give you a lovely dewy look, it can be applied to your beauty blender before pushing product into the skin and some have even used it as a finishing spray. I myself have been dampening my eye brushes with this spray and using it to pick up and apply glittery or more shimmery pigments to give me a 3D effect on my eyelid.

MAC Cream Colour Base in the shade Luna
I was told in the store that this was a limited edition colour base product but I'm sure it's still available! Sneaksy store lady, sneaksy! I got this because I felt it would look fab as a cream highlight, it's so soft and buttery and just glides over the top of my foundation (liquid) and has helped give me that gorgeous dewy, strobe effect that folks have been loving for spring / summer.

MAC Studio Eye Gloss in the shade Pearl Varnish
After I spotted these out of stock gorgeous glosses in Barcelona I knew I had to have one, so when I returned to MAC in Aberdeen I was on a mission! Luckily I managed to get my hands on this pearl varnish shade. I have not been brave enough to use this yet through fear of sticking my eyelids open or something drastic but I'm looking forward to creating some dramatic, wet look eyes with these one day soon.

See, I didn't do too badly did I? Since writing this post I have also stocked my kit with a few shades of the MAC Face and Body foundations which are great for bridal make up as well as work on photo shoots (which I did in fact use them for recently) and of course and as always I do still have my eye on a few MAC lippys (I will be strong, I will be strong)

I'd love for you to alleviate my guilt and share with me just what you've been buying in MAC or elsewhere recently! Be sure to share your hauls and best buys in the comments below, come share them with me on Twitter, or if you just want to see what I've been doing to folks faces recently you can find me on Instagram and Facebook!

Until next time folks, MACing life!

H.Elizabeth x

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  1. I'm popping into MAC next week to splurge, need so much! Have my eyes on fix+!

    Parie x


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