Friday, 24 June 2016

High Street Highlight | The Balm Mary LouManizer Highlighter Review

*Health and safety disclaimer: sunglasses must be worn at all times during the reading of this post to prevent premature blindness and bedazzlement *

Who doesn't want to watch their enemies negativity bounce off of their highlight and blind them right in their eyeballs in this modern age? Who doesn't want to look like a chic C3PO or like the lost member of Daft Punk these days? Nobody. Nobody that's who. But I can tell you what nobody really wants and that's to shell out £££s for an expensive highlighter only for it to hit pan quickly, crack under clumsy hands, run out in days or generally be ill fitting when you get home. So today I wanted to share with you a highlighter I have discovered (with the help of some famous tubers) and have been love, love, loving recently and the best part? You can pick it up right now in your local Superdrug, I'm talking about the Mary LouManizer Highlight by The Balm cosmetics.

I always looked at The Balm as a cheap and nasty version of Benefit Cosmetics, I mean why buy that when I can just pop to Debenhams and buy the real thing right? But boy was I wrong! The Balm have been around for a good long while now but are only now beginning to get the recognition they deserve as a stand alone brand. Their packaging is vintage 1950s inspired which I love but let's face it, we're not here for cute packaging now are we? I decided to pick up my first purchase from the Balm a few weeks ago when Jamie Genevieve recommended one of their bronzing powders on her channel (Bahama Mama) but things were about to get real when I watched Jeffree Star's high street highlighter video and I was put on to the Mary LouManizer Highlight.

The highlight itself comes in a gorgeous sturdy compact with a small mirror inside (how chic is that?!) and has a cute pin up girl getting her mugshot on the outside (classy bird) Online it has been widely described as a honey huded illuminator that catches the eye. What I personally would describe it as is PERFECTION. Nah I'm kidding, I would say it gives you the appearance of an inner glow or a subtle 'candle lit' effect on the skin, but I suppose depending on how intense you like your highlight and the shade of your skin it will perhaps have a different effect, but for us pale girls I'd say it's a must have. Since using this I have had so many compliments on my skins glow and how much colour it has added to my face, I apply this using a fan brush on my cheekbones and temples (or at least where I WOULD have cheekbones if I weren't so fond of pizza and doughnuts) on my upper lip using my finger and on the tip of my nose (subtly) For my contour I'll use my favourite new brozing powder Bahama Mama and after a good whack with my beauty blender and some Fix + I'm good to go!

This highlighter retails at £17.49 in Superdrug but you can also purchase it online from places like ASOS, I personally think this is a great price for the sheer amount of product you get as well as the quality of the product, it's so buttery and easy to apply and looks so natural (not drying or chalky in the SLIGHTEST) I implore you glow babies out there do go in and at the VERY least give this gal a swatch!

You can take your shades off now glow babies as we're coming to the end of the ride! If you have given this a swatch, went all out and bought one for yourself or you just want a chin wag be sure to leave your comments below. As you know I'm always looking to try new brands and products so if you have any suggestions come link with me on Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram to see my inner glow (but don't forget your shades)

Until next time folks, blinded by my own glow yo!

H.Elizabeth x

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