Friday, 17 June 2016

Dining in the 'Deen | Abzmeet and the Adelphi Kitchen

I've always heard rave reviews about the Adelphi Kitchen but I've never braved a visit myself. I suppose in my head I had conjured up images of teeny tiny, posh portions and a vast array of fish that, as a hardcore advocate of battered cod from the local chippy, I would never dare touch. In fact it wasn't until an invitation landed in my inbox to sample the Adelphi Kitchen's menu that my interest was peaked and so it was that one rather miserable looking Sunday afternoon myself along with a fair few familiar faces from the Abzmeet gang headed along to the Adelphi Kitchen for a feed!

One thing that was immediately evident from our visit was the passion and dedication that the team feel for the restaurant. From the just so decor to the deliciously crafted summer punch (admittedly alcoholic....hic) and finally to the loving way they discuss their business, sourcing only the best catches and cuts to serve in the restaurant, experimenting consistently with new preparation and cooking techniques (they sincerely are a credit to their craft) and finally making sure the Adelphi experience is just so for all who come through the door.

We were treated to a vast array of fish from mussels, spiced halibut (YUM!) and langoustine to things a bit more out there like baby squid, which unfortunately despite my love of deep fried calamari I was not brave enough to try but loved watching my blogging counterparts giving it a good go. We sampled meat dishes where I discovered my new favourite thing to put in my mouth ever...haggis bon bons, oh and their take on macaroni cheese, really guys, if you never listen to anything else I recommend you... please try their macaroni I implore you! I attempted to share everything with Mairi of Copper Pink, however as an only child (and a hungry hungry person in general) I don't think I did very well (sorry!) particularly when deserts came a callin'

Desserts deserve a paragraph of their own so here goes. Served in a tapas style once again I attempted my sharing saga (ha!) but surely it's every blogger for themselves when laid down before your very eyes are chocolate mousse cake with home-made aero rhubarb chocolate, a creamy AH popcorn panacotta and a lemon meringue pie. Now usually I'm not a fan of chocolate desserts, they're too rich and dehydrate me something TERRIBLE, but this cake....this cake gets my vote ten times over! It was hands down my favourite part of the meal and I only wish I had a full sized one to myself (sorry guys sorry I was hungry okay?!)

 As a final parting gift we were given some of their delicious home-made chocolate fudge to take away (which I DEVOURED!) in a cute etsy style paper bag which was just the cherry on top of a foodie filled day with Adelphi.

When I can find someone willing enough I will definitely be visiting the Adelphi Kitchen again, even if just for some punch and chocolate cake! It is one of the Granite City's hidden foodie gems and has such a unique and quiet location which would be great for a dinner date, celebrating a birthday or you know just if you're hungry (as you do) Have you ever dined at the Adelphi? Let me know in the comments below if you have and if so what did you eat? I'm salivating again already! As usual catch me everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for food and faced and sometimes even faces full of food!

Until next time folks, Adelphi away!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Hello Lovely,

    Such a shame I could not join you! It would be great seeing you again and having a chat about your trip to Barcelona! Food looks delicious!


    Love, Iga x

    1. I know it was lush! Maybe the Abzmeet crew will have a little trip there again it was delicious!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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