Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Natbees Fashion Takeover | 3 of my Favourite Places to have Breakfast in Edinburgh

Every time we are down in Edinburgh I am on the task of exploring the city with the ultimate purpose of finding the best coffee shops, places to enjoy a nice cup of tea and relax. After searching online for reviews and playing the investigator myself, I have finally managed to narrow down my list to these three gems. I am sure there are loads more that I haven't been yet but for the time being these three places hold a special place in my heart. 
Starting with my most favourite one; the Richmond Cafe in 52 West Richmond Street. This is a cute little place we found after being desperate for some bougatsa, a pastry pie that for Greeks is what sausages & beans is for Brits, aka the best breakfast ever! Luckily enough, this place offers not only bougatsa but in general the best Greek food that someone can have outside Greece. When we were there we ordered-apart from the infamous bougatsa- spinach pie and coffees and we were left with the best impressions ever. Did I also mention that the location of the shop is right next to our flat? Win-win!
Next is an old favourite one; the Black Medicine in 2 Nicholson Street. This is a place for the coffee lovers as its name suggests. As it is located on a very busy street this is a great place for something on the go, quick service and quite strong coffee. I, personally am in love with the interior, wood, plants and mirrors, makes the place feel so cosy, so if you choose to sit in make sure to take a book with you and enjoy the atmosphere. Usually it is full of students writing up their assignments so very relaxed vibes, however if you take a sit by the window I can guarantee you, you will observe all the city action :) 
Last but not least is Mimi's Bakehouse in 63 Shore Street, a paradise for ladies meet ups and cupcakes lovers. Upon arrival you get struck by the lovely deco, so pretty it makes my heart sing! All of the cupcakes and muffins they offer are delicious and oh, so beautiful, its like they create art and not baking goods. My personal favourite is the egg nog cheesecake-so mouth watering! Not to be missed!
So these are my 3 top places to have breakfast or coffee on the go in Edinburgh. 

Have you ever been to either? If you have any other suggestions please let me know, I am always eager to find new places.


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