Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Granite City Girl Goes Glam | Training with Glam Candy

Perhaps it won't be very much of a surprise to those of you who have been stalking my instagram of late, between the packages in the post, the obsessive 'liner on fleek' posts and the hashtags, my goodness the hashtags, but I have somewhat of a little life update / announcement to make that has the potential to change the path of my future forever. Not that I'm melodramatic or anything!

It's no secret that I am a make up obsessive. In our house you can't open a drawer without coming across something that either belongs on a face, has fallen off of a face (sorry Nick for all the false lash / spider / bug scares you suffer though!) or even has a face of it's own (face charts guys, face charts) and having been interested in make up and the intricacies of make up artistry for a long time, it feels natural for me to enroll in a starter make up artistry course, and so I did just that, with the one and only Glam Candy. 

Now by the time this post is live I'll have finished (and fingers crossed passed) my course, but wait there's more! I've enrolled in another which is due to begin in June, so the saga continues. Today I'm not going to go into the intricacies behind the course, or too much on why I've decided to go down this route etc etc, but if you'd like a post detailing the course and my experience let me know in the comments below. Instead I've decided to keep it short and sweet, just in case you wondered why you're seeing more and more beauty posts, tutorials, how to's and make up blunders (trust me I've had plenty!)

Of course if you're an Aberdeen based gal I'd love to hear from you if you'd be so kind as to let me borrow your face for learning purposes, practice and just some general carrying on with make up drop me an email, Tweet, Facebook message...just get me okay? I've already have a few lovely ladies sit  in my chair, Sarah from Blogs Vlogs Etc, Julia from Just Julia and Ani from A Fusion of Brunette to name a few, and I have so enjoyed working with them (thank you ladies!). Likewise if you're a photographer in the area and you're looking to build your portfolio I can be your go to gal!

If you'd like to see a bit more of what I've learned, how I'm building my kit or which products I have been using lately as well as whose faces, then head over to my instagram, come visit me on Twitter, or if you just want even more content follow Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, getting my Granite City glam on!

H.Elizabeth x

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