Monday, 25 April 2016

Barcelona Baby

By the time you read this I'll be long gone...... to Barcelona baby!

As you guys know from my last post I am off to Barcelona with my hubby this week and as is a tradition with Granite City Girl and I guess now Hannah Adams Make Up Artistry, I will be taking a little, tiny wee break to refuel, recharge and have myself a jolly good time abroad. Did I mention I run on solar power? Ach see now you know why I've been a big bogged down, I just need to catch me some rays! But my absence of course doesn't mean no content, heavens no! Instead I'll be handing over the reigns of Granite City Girl to some friends from the #Abzmeet gang namely Anastasia of Natbees Fashion.
You can of course keep a spy on my Twitter and Instagram if you want to keep up with what we're doing in Barcelona , where we're going and what we're seeing. Otherwise have a lovely, lovely week guys and I will return next Wednesday as per with brand new content and hopefully a photo diary of Barcelona and our adventures.

Until next time folks, love ya bye!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Enjoy your time in Barcelona! Needless to say weather in Aberdeen is an absolute nightmare at the moment compared to the hot Spanish sun. Can't wait to see your pics! Margaux x

    1. I've got to say Margaux, it passed altogether too quickly, but luckily we seem to have brought a bit of the sun back with us!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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