Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Foodie Feasts with Union Square | Bloggers Safari Supper

I live for these sort of events. Well at least it seems like it recently, between feasting at Cue a few weeks ago to sampling the new culinary delights of Yo! Sushi and to last week where I joined my fellow Aberdeen bloggers for a Safari Supper at Aberdeen's Union Square, and yes, it's just as fun as it sounds!

Cocktails at Las Iguanas
Naturally the first stop on our safari was going to be Las Iguanas. Last year I fell in love with the Las Iguanas menu, particularly their cocktails so I was super excited to be visiting again. Unfortunately and as is a tradition with me I chose a bum cocktail.... opting for a Vanilla and Ginger Mojito sounded like a safe choice right? Nah, mine tasted more like a cough mixture and to say it made me a bit boozy would be an understatement. It's quite a feat to accidentally choose a rubbish cocktail really it can be considered pure talent considering Las Iguanas literally have dozens to choose from, next time I'll be opting for something less leafy green and more rainbow!

Starters at Yo! Sushi
Swiftly moving (stumbling) on from our pre dinner cocktails we visited Yo! Sushi. Now as you guys will know if you've been a regular reader, I actually sampled the new Yo! Sushi menu a couple of weeks ago, which you can read a little more about here. But today I threw caution to the wind and thought what the hell, lets try something different, so I got a Katsu.... which I devoured and accidentally filled myself up with.

Burgers and shakes at Byron Burger
Having never been to Byron but having heard a lot about it on the blogosphere lately I was quite excited to give them a go. Particularly since the Byron in question throws all kind of shade at their next door neighbour 'Handmade Burger' by pitching themselves as serving 'proper burgers' with a big fat sign oooh gurl!!! Here I think I was the only one who didn't opt for a shake, but I was also the only one who stuffed myself silly on starters tut tut, but they looked divine. Instead I had my trusty old diet coke and a cheese burger with my favourite Monterey Jack cheese and some sweet potato fries. To say they blew Handmade Burger out of the water simply wouldn't do them justice.

Dessert at Carluccios
Suffice to say by the time dessert rolled around I was just that, literally rolling around. Carluccios have secured their rep for THE place to visit in Union Square when dessert comes a callin' from fondants and cheesecakes to meringues the size of your face! But guys I couldn't, I just couldn't so unfortunately I copped out with a couple of sorbet scoops, mandarin and lemon. Lemon, now I LOVE lemon, but this lemon was not for the faint of heart or weak of tongue because it nearly blew my face off. But on the bright side made for a totally refreshing dessert.

My one regret? Not being able to eat more because of that darn katsu! Why this isn't the done way for dinner I'll never know! Next time I'm out for supper I'm definitely going safari. Big thanks to Bradley for organising such a fabby foodie event and of course all of my fellow Aberdeen bloggers who made the evening an absolute delight.

Have you ever safari'd your supper? Let me know what your ideal pit stops are along the way in the comments below, come share them with me on Twitter or if you'd just like to see me stuff my face a bit more (always guys always!) be sure to keep up with my posts on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm well and truly safari'd!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Oh Hannah, you do make me giggle! Love that everyone's so keen on the safari idea. Restaurants'll be wondering why everyone's suddenly visiting just for starters or desserts! hehe

    - Laura (Whispering) xo

    1. Haha, I loved it, yeah I'll just be sampling desserts all the way down the centre!!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  2. I love Las Iguana's cocktails :) I almost forgive them that there is nothing there for me to eat.

    1. Totally worth visiting just for a drink, they have such a nice bar/lounge area too in Union Square.

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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