Friday, 4 March 2016

Do you even lift? | Things to expect as a newbie weight lifter

How to

Who would have thought that weight lifting could come with such drama? I mean come on really it's just like lifting and putting down, reset and repeat right? Wrong! Ever since I ventured into THAT part of the gym many dare not go I have noticed a number of things that happen when you start lifting weights, from unfortunate gym misogyny which you can read in a bit more detail about here, to the dramas you actually take home with you. So if you are considering venturing as I have maybe take note of some of the following things you'll be sure to notice.

1. Drying your hair becomes the struggle of all struggles. Whether you have long hair, short hair, thick or thin you'll struggle to keep your arms up long enough to become bone dry, in fact any holding your arms above your head becomes a daily struggle. Want to put that tin of soup in the top shelf of the cupboard? Nope! Want to reach for the stars and your dreams. NO!

2. Flexing your new, albeit teeny tiny muscles becomes your new obsession. You're sitting at your desk, flex. In for a coffee, flex. Everyday you'll see how much more you can flex and hey you'll still be working a muscle of some description.

3. You develop all new and anger inducing pet peeves. Think the most annoying thing about the gym are machine hogs? Oh honey it's about to get so much worse. I give you the weight hoarders, the hiders and my personal favourite the dumbbell ditchers who don't seem to know how a weight rack works!

4. Sweat isn't just a disgusting bodily function any more. Instead think of it as a glistening medal of your achievements from that hard hour of weights! 

5. ALL OF THE PROTEIN. Got to repair those growing muscles yall, where before you thought protein bars smelled and tasted like hamster food you'll suck it up and it's all for the gains. (Trek bars are my best friends just FYI!)

Well guys as I'm sure you can tell this post contained a few satirical undertones, but not about the hamster food, that shizz is real! But I hope you have found it entertaining, informative or maybe even true to your own experiences. If you're a newbie weight lifter a bit like me I'd love to hear what you have found to be true? Have you struggled to reach and stretch to your tall cupboards after a workout? Maybe getting dressed is your real struggle, whatever you have found be sure to leave your experiences in the comments below, come have a laugh and a natter about them on Twitter with me or if you'd just like to keep check of my expanding muscles and major gains (ha!) be sure to keep track of Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, girl do you even lift?

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Respect! I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough for that intimidating little corner of the gym!

    - Laura (Whispering) xo

    1. Haha, you've just got to walk in like you OWN that corner! Though I must say I haven't even been to the gym for a while now!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl X


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