Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Zoeva | En Taupe Brush Set Review

Some may say it is a stretch to say make up brushes have changed their lives, which yes I agree I am not one of those people, however what I will say is that they have assisted in my morning facial overhaul and helped me go from zombie, to well.. kinda glam zombie heading out the door.

I first heard of the Zoeva brushes when I started watching make up artist and Glasgow glam gal Jamie Genevieve, I was astounded by the looks and styles she was able to achieve using these wee wonder brushes and had to get a piece of that for myself. So after Christmas I saved my pennies and invested in the Zoeva En Taupe eye brush set which I purchased off of Beauty Bay for the reasonable price of £35.

Being that I am a blogger who is relatively anti all things rose gold I opted for the more understated, and if I say luxurious looking, Taupe collection which includes, a luxe soft definer brush (227), luxe crease brush (228), luxe pencil brush (230), luxe precise shader brush (238), wing liner brush (317) and a brow line brush (322) They come packaged in a taupe clutch bag and each were individually wrapped for protection (safety first kids) and I am trying my utmost to keep them clean and tidy and generally nice, in fact I didn't use them for about a month when I first got them!

As I have never really paid much attention to the tools in my eye make up kit I was a bit sceptical as to whether or not these brushes would be able to do the job. My first impression was they were very light and fluffy and I worried they wouldn't pick up the product very well and that their breadth would be a bit too much for my at times piggy wee eyelids, creating an almighty chaos of colour all over my face, or otherwise achieve a drag queen like look that I'm not emotionally ready for quite yet. But I was pleasantly surprised.

These brushes are super easy to use and with the guidance and assistance of beauty guru's worldwide and You Tubers all over the internet I have been able to achieve a few rather daring looks, if I do say so myself, though they have just been to sit in my pjs or clean the house! I have been using these with a number of palettes from make up revolution to my one and only Mac palette I was gifted for Christmas so luckily these brushes do not discriminate. I love how soft they are on my eyelids, I have previously been used to putting my eyes through their paces with ill sharpened eyeliners, a tonne of lash glue and of course the stubby coarse brushes to apply my shadows but no more, I say no more! My favourite brushes to use have been 227, 228 and 230, simply because they help me create softer looks and blend eyeshadow like a dream.

I'm looking forward to potentially sharing some more daring looks with you guys in the future, who knows perhaps this may make me a little more adventurous with my face! Overall as a starter set I would recommend these as they give you a decent amount of brushes without overwhelming you, they are all pretty self explanatory with their functions and they're stylishly sleek to boot.

Have you ever tried anything from the Zoeva cosmetics line? I'd love to hear your thoughts on all things brushes and beauty in the comments below, come have a natter with me about them on Twitter or if you'd like to keep up to date with my latests be sure to follow Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, blending like a dream.

H.Elizabeth x

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