Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Right on CUE | Meat the new Faces of BBQ

Restaurant Review
Here come the meat sweats guys! You have been warned.

If you have been keeping a spy on my Instagram feed of late you'll have noticed I have been a bit of a pig! And why not, Aberdeen has been booming with new restaurants, take aways and become and all round foodie heaven these last couple of months, and last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to one such delight, CUE.

'Food is close to every breathing and passionate person’s heart, unquestionably Barbecue and wood cooked flavour evokes a bygone instinct, a carnivorous streak. The Pitboss peers into the blue haze from within the smoker. From your seat in the CUE you can smell the sizzling pork shoulders and sausage rings filling the air. The aroma makes your stomach growl with anticipation of the garlic sausage and moist brisket on order. Watering mouth and you know you have ordered more than you can eat, you relive the mantra: “Rub Me, Smoke Me, Sauce Me, Eat Me'  - So say the pioneers of 'this Barbecue thing' in the Granite City.

Tucked away in a cosy nook in the centre of Aberdeen you'll find the smokiest, sizzling new meat joint there is, offering a little bit of everything from a fun family atmosphere, guaranteed at only the greatest barbecues, cocktails for the sophistocat in you and let's of course not forget a beast of a meat feast (if that's your thing that is!) which is exactly what the brains behind CUE had in store for our visit.

Cooked and cured to perfection using their state of the art smoker imported all the way from 'murica you can have meat and eat it too, enjoy beef, briskets, sausages, pulled pork, and don't worry there are plenty of delectable dishes for the veggies too, CUE seem to have all of the BBQ bases covered, paired with their co owners saucey brand, Angus & Oink and they've perfected the recipe for a total winner! My personal favourite and recommendation  from their menu would be anything containing pulled pork and Angus & Oink BBQ Sauce, or if you're feeling particularly daring their Voodoo Mango sauce packs a sure fire punch destined to put a tear in even the most hardened spice addicts eye.

Are you salivating yet? Told you there would be meat sweats, so if you're looking for a steak, beef or even just a burger with a little bit of sizzle, spice or smoke there's only one place for you in the Granite City! Right on CUE for spring and of course the upcoming festivities for Mothers Day and the Easter Holidays there's fun for all of the family, whether you're popping in for a quick cocktail, sitting down to an epic family feast or even if you're just nipping in to have a gander at the murals and their restaurant mascot, Unihog.

Okay guys now that the meat sweats have well and truly set in I'll bid you a BBQ do, all in all I enjoyed my time at CUE, and as a meat and BBQ lover I can't wait to take my hubby along to enjoy a good ole' Granite City night out. I just also want to say a big thank you to Just Julia for organising another great blogger event  and to Scott from Angus & Oink for the very informative and enjoyable tour and of course the team at CUE for the fabulous food and great atmosphere! Hopefully you'll manage to get yourselves along to CUE when you next have a BBQ craving, or perhaps you already have, I'd love to hear what you thought of the menu, be sure to leave your thoughts and salivations in the comments below, come share with me on Twitter or if you'd just like to keep up with my meal plans be sure to follow Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'd have to say they're right on CUE.

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Was a pleasure to have you along to the event Hannah, love the blog post and look forward to catching up again soon! Just Julia x

    1. Such a great hangover cure haha! Glad you like the post can't wait to see what else you have been working on.

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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