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All About That Base | Smashbox Hydrating Primer Review

Primer for dry skin

You ever get so much like a work of art that your face just cracks? Don't worry guys it's totally chic, just check out the Grecian temples, right? Well as shabby chic and so on trend as it may be for interiors and decorative purposes it may not have the desired effect on your face, but until a couple of months ago it was the look I was rocking almost all day every day. I fiddled and prodded my products, foundations, powders, setting sprays, you name it I had it, and it wasn't until a very fortuitous visit to Smashbox that I found my tried, tested and above all trusted primer simply wasn't doing the job anymore.

Now if you have been to Smashbox you'll know the choices they have on offer, colour correcting, pore minimizing, blemish control, and my new personal favourite, hydrating. The hydrating primer is blue in colour and is of a significantly runnier consistency than my previous photo finish primer, which is something I found quite difficult to adjust to, particularly because you need to treat it like an extra stage in the moisturising process as it takes a while to sink in to your skin.

The forumla, like previous Smashbox primers is oil free, lightweight but the difference with the hydrating primer is that it is tailored to dry, dull skin types. Smashbox credit this unique primer quality to Hydraplex which is an extract derived from desert plants - which is just as well because my skin can get as dry as the Sahara  especially in winter.

Since pairing this with my usual moisturising routine and using my trusty fresh nude foundation I haven't noticed any breakage, cracks or even slippage, something I was initially concerned about as the foundation does take a while to sink in to my skin. Not only does the primer help keep my make up in place all day but also helps me achieve that dewy, fresh complexion I covet so highly, a rarity in a product with the sea of mattified to the max faces I seem to see these days!

At £28 the primer is on the pricey side but lasts such a long time if you're careful with the tube that is! Now I won't lie, I have had a few accidental premature moments where the forumla has gone across the room and I've been frugally scraping it from the mirror / carpet / cat but if that's the only problem I have had then I'm happy to endure!

Well ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed this wee tale of how I beat my mosaic face, have you ever suffered a case? What products do you covet as a dry skin sufferer, I'd love to hear your suggestions and reviews in the comments below, come share your favourites with me on Twitter, or of course if you'd like to see more of my non matte, non dry, dewy, fresh face you can keep up with me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, feeling dewy and funky fresh.



  1. Hi, I remember once wondering at the airport if I should buy it. Quite frankly they offer so many options I was not sure which one should I go for. As you said it's quite pricey so here I am doing my research first. ;)
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    1. They have so many, I suppose it depends on what you're after, me I knew I had to have something that was going to keep my hydrated and not separate my make up, but they have illuminating,colour correcting, ones for oily skin! Literally everything you could need!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  2. Lovely review, this definitely sounds worth a go! Is it relatively okay for sensitive skin? I've never tried anything from Smashbox before :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. My skin can be quite temperamental with new products particularly those with a lot of chemicals and new fangled ingredients but I have found my skin has been behaving a lot more with this. Smashbox gave me a little sample to test for a week before I made the commitment so I would advise you to pop in and do the same and maybe have a gander at the ingredients if you have allergies. :)

      Hannah | Granite City Girl xx


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