Friday, 29 January 2016

The Horn | Scotlands Favourite Greasy Spoon

Best Bacon Roll in Scotland

There are very few people in Scotland who can honestly say they have never enjoyed a fry up or a legendary bacon sarnie from the Horn. Located just 20 minutes outside of Perth, the family run cafe has been famed throughout Scotland and beyond for their friendly atmosphere, hearty portions and let's not forget the gigantic cow on the roof you simply cannot miss! I for one treasure childhood memories of car trips with my family on days out to Edinburgh, Glasgow or even just to Dundee, where we never forgot to make that effort to travel the extra 20 minutes to visit our favourite fry up joint. So you can imagine my excitement when my family asked me on yet another road trip recently to Livingston, where upon I was informed we would indeed be visiting The Horn.

Obviously, this is a sentence I never thought I would type when I sat down and created Granite City Girl, but I have never been more excited to see that big cow than I was on our road trip to Livingston, in fact I was so excited, I only had half a bowl of coco pops that morning, I mean wow right? My body was ready for bacon!

The Horn was every bit the shabby chic eatery I remember, in my head at least, the original greasy spoon of Scotland  from the big coo outside to the fake horses heid on the waa' and finally to the best bacon roll I have ever had. Personally I reckon the picture speaks for itself but just in case I need to clarify it a little further, that up there is a big mofo of a bacon roll that I literally had to pick bits of bacon out of or risk dislocating my jaw to get my mouth around, and let me tell you I'd probably say it was worth it if I had!

Now I know, I can already feel the health nuts and vegetarians of the world judging me, but not to worry I didn't forget about you guys. The Horn is unique as a wee pit stop on your way North / South because you can even fit in a little shopping spree while you're there. They have everything from souvenirs for the kids and family such as tea towels and aprons, to name plaques, jams, chutneys, spreads, all manner of foodie gifts and let us not forget their plethora of flavours in their ice cream parlour, perfect for your sweet toothed travel companion.

It's funny, you know when you hear of people visiting a special place from childhood and just not getting that same magical feeling you did back then? You know like everyone and Storybook Glen aka, Aberdeen's nightmare fueled 'wonderland', well I just didn't get that with The Horn, nope, it was still the same deliciously greasy, bacon filled eatery I have always remembered, but if your first visit is in adulthood and you're expecting the ritz, then give this a miss!

As usual I love getting to know you guys so leave me your favourite travel moments or greasy spoon eateries in the comments below, come share your favourite foodie places on Twitter or of course if you'd like to see more of me, my family and you know bacon then be sure to keep up to date with Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, gettin my grease on!

H.Elizabeth x

Big shout to my mum, dad and grandma for thinking of bringing me along for the journey even if I was a bit of a Shrek donkey through the duration of the drive!

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