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Flawless Faces | Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray

Make up spray review

Don't you just hate it when your face melts off? Don't panic I'm not talking Indiana Jones face melting; I'm not THAT ginger and Aberdeen is not that hot! But isn't it a real pain when you've got your glam face on, maybe you've went a little crazy and slapped on some highlight, maybe a little contour, and you head off to start your day only to find your eyes are down by your cheeks and your cheeks have unfortunately slipped down far enough to give you that highly sought after double chin, your face has failed you! Which is pretty much how every day went for me until I discovered make up setting spray!

Now I must say I was a little cheeky a couple of times before buying this, giving myself a quick spritz in my local Boots and Debenhams while the staff were occupied with filing their nails and preening to check if this stuff really did work, and I wasn't disappointed! The spray claims to help your make up last up to 16 hours and prevent any slippage (yes that is the technical word...ahem) which means you won't get any of those unsightly under eye lines, so after my few cheeky sprays with some great results I decided to take the plunge and commit to a non slippy face.

The first full day I gave this a proper go was for my friends first bridal fitting, and given the facial expressions I was due to pull that day this spray had it's work cut out! The instructions suggest a couple of light sprays in a cross shape across your face after you have finished applying your make up. I was a bit worried that given I like a dewy complexion that I would get little 'water marks' down my face but this literally went on and felt dry immediately so I thankfully didn't have that tacky, uncomfortable feeling. And so it was the true test had begun and I went on with my day and 'best maid of honour ever' duties.

Now that day I pulled a lot of facial expressions; something I of course try not to do in my normal day to day life because, wrinkles dah-ling. But in all seriousness I smiled, laughed, cried, pulled faces of disgust on cue as well as the usual gushy faces you'd expect from a bridal / wedding themed day out so I really thought I was in store for more of a mosaic rather than a face on returning to the apartment that evening. On looking rather cautiously in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised, there was no slippage, no bunching, creasing or indeed melting of any kind whatsoever. My under eyes looked as smooth as when first applied and in fact the only area that needed a going over were my lips. So after a good slathering of lippy I was good to go again.

Overall I have been quite impressed with this product, of course I have no other frame of reference to base this on so I'm not going to go ahead and claim this is the biggest and bestest holy grail product of setting sprays, because at £21.00 from Debenhams it isn't a cheap purchase. But of course if you are looking to have a bit of a splurge, or like me you had a voucher to spend then why not? Give it a bash and be sure to tell me your thoughts, share your favourite setting sprays and just have a general natter with me in the comments below or keep up to date with me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, mosaic face is a thing of my past!

H.Elizabeth x

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