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Ladies who Brunch | Brunch at All Bar One Glasgow

Glasgow eatery

If I'm completely honest with you these Glasgow foodie posts are honestly a way for me to keep my taste buds and memories of the fabulous food of that very magical weekend alive, not that I'm using you guys to relive my foodie fantasies or anything... ahem... So today the memory I'm choosing to revel in and get jealous of my past self because of is our trip to the ever stylish All Bar One, St Vincent Street in Glasgow's city centre. 

All Bar One really does have all a bar can offer, with the ability of carrying you through from breakfast to brunch and a slap up supper right through to cocktails and nibbles after work. The stylish surroundings (of which the biggest mirror in the world was my fave) and spacious layout mean day or night All Bar One can be your go to and it was certainly our go to after a rather stressful train journey and hike in the pouring Glasgow rain! 

Our order was taken pretty much straight away and it was lovely despite being breakfast / brunch having table service and not having to go up to the bar to order (does this make me lazy? Probably) We ordered from the breakfast menu, and I suppose I lied a little on the title of this post because it was far too early to be considered brunch... but doesn't it just roll off the tongue better when you say brunch?  Breakfast for me conjures up images of droopy eyed individuals sat with a bowl of sad looking cornflakes and a black coffee... brunch just happens to be breakfasts glamorous later sister. Okay fine! It was breakfast.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict which as opposed to the more traditional bacon came with a gorgeously textured thick ham which wasn't fatty or unfavourably chewy in the slightest (can you tell I have a 'thing' about ham?) The eggs also came served with a sprinkling of mixed seeds which offered a great contrasting crunch to the texture of the eggs and toasted muffin that accompanied, and may I also just say, that egg and hollandaise sauce, oh my goodness that egg and hollandaise sauce! In fact I have never experienced such a sadness linked to food when I finished my breakfast that morning but having said that I really do think it's an experience you all should try for yourselves!

The food was so reasonably priced and a great thing about All Bar One is that usually if you check online prior to visiting you can download a 2 for 1 voucher or something similar that will make your breakfast experience even sweeter....well cheaper at least. So after taking a couple of selfies in the biggest mirror in the world we left All Bar One Glasgow full and content and ready to face the day ahead (the BBC Good Food Show in case you were wondering) 

Well guys, my mouth is now well and truly watering and I'm sitting here as I type resenting my past self and it was literally only a week ago. Now I'm back to life and reality sat on my sofa with my own sad looking bowl of cornflakes, puffy eyes, clutching the worlds biggest black coffee trying to get to grips with the morning ahead.... nothing like the All Bar One experience I tell you, but who knows, maybe in the future my husband will become something of an amazing chef and we'll purchase the second biggest mirror in the world... a girl can dream right?

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading yet another Granite City Girl travels / foodie post and perhaps you'll pop into an All Bar One in your area or in Glasgow particularly. Be sure to leave me some of your favourite foodie joints for breakfast / brunch in the comments below whether your thing is McDonalds or Malmaison tell me what is the best breakfast / brunch you've ever had is (it might even be that bowl of cornflakes we spoke about earlier!) Otherwise ladies and gents you can catch me on Twitter or more from the Granite City Girl blog on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm in search of the next best brunch.

H.Elizabeth x

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