Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Granite City Mer Case | Go Customized Personalised Phone Case

Today as you could undoubtedly tell from the title of this post we're heading off under the sea, don't worry though we won't be talking on shells or god forbid heading into the chilly depths of the North Sea, nah today we're taking a rather metaphorical trip under the sea with my brand new iPhone case from Go Customized.

Now just so you know when it comes to my phone I am super lazy, I always see people on instagram or you know, outside in the wider world with these amazing phone cases  bejeweled, cat shaped, unicorn shaped, french fry boxes, fluffy, suede, leather, glitter filled, liquid filled and generally magnificent creations which I have never bothered to treat myself to (I know, I know, me not treating myself? Whaaaat?!)

So when Dutch born company Go Customized got in touch asking if I would like to review one of their personalised phone cases I was excited to give my good old iPhone 5 a bit of a spruce up. The company had a plethora of cases to choose from soft cases, hard cases, ultra light hard cases, wooden cases, flip cases, wallet cases, tough cases in fact the only thing missing were little trolleys in which to transport your phone around in, that and you know inflatable cases (how awesome would that be?) 

Thinking of what I wanted to put on the case must have been the toughest decision I have ever had to make in all of my 22 years of life! Well, you know how I am for exaggeration but think about it, I have my phone in my hand 50% of the time, it's always with me and it's considered the hub of all social activity.. so yes I suppose it is a pretty big deal! And why the mermaid scales? Well because I'm a mermaid of course and wanted to skin the tails of my mer enemies....

The case I ended up going for was a full wrap hard case, mainly to get the good out of the picture I uploaded as well as the fact I'm super clumsy and need a hard case, I was a little nervous as to the quality of a case ordered online and half expected it to be a flimsy plasticy thing, but to say I was impressed simply doesn't do it justice. The design is the same as I had uploaded with no obscurities, the texture is lovely and matte which I think is something a little different to the traditional cases you can buy in the shops in short it just looks so sleek. Admittedly, yes I dropped the case as part of a test just to see if it really could be 'Hannah proof' and as you can tell from this post, yes it did indeed survive, this ain't no boy in the striped pyjamas tale I'm telling! 

It may vary for different types of phone cases but if you're like me, a little overwhelmed by the plethora cases on the market why not make it your very own and personalise your iPhone 5 with Go Customized? Make it blue, make it pink, make it a multicoloured multitude of styles, sparkles and most importantly make it you! Hopefully you have enjoyed hearing about my case woes and customised purchases of late and perhaps it has inspired you to get a little more personal. As always you can catch me on the flip-side also known as Twitter, more from the blog on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, skinning the scales of my enemies for more cases.

H.Elizabeth x


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