Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Granite City Girls New Hair | The emotional stages of cutting your hair

The emotional stages of cutting your hair

You know in life when you just need to change everything all of a sudden and all at once? This month has seen me move house, start my driving theory (for the second time), buy all new furniture (part and parcel with a new home I suppose), change up my entire fitness routine and last and certainly not least, chop the mop that resides on my head. My hair has always been relatively long and as much as I loved it, it was just getting a bit lack lustre, difficult to manage and most of the time hung like a hippy wig on my face. I found that most days I'd end up throwing it into a bobble, so my answer? Chop it all off, naturally.

Now don't get me wrong I love my new look, though at first when I saw all of the sad looking split ended hair on the floor of my hairdressers I did think I would need treated for shock, it isn't every day you leave the hairdressers chair with an ewok at your feet, but in light of my recent 'ordeal' I feel as a blogger, woman and general all around good gal I would use my experience as a means to impart some wisdom on the thoughts you'll likely have if you decide to go for the chop;

1. It's so light and swooshy; Now that I've ditched the dead weight I can conquer the world with my light head and newfound carefree head swishes and I don't even have to think of my hair slapping someone in the face anymore!

2. Oh my god I look like a boy... or Miranda from Sex and the City...; is this what if feels like to be a boy? Oh my goodness is this my Dudley Moore / Monica hair cut fiasco moment?!

3. My endless supply of bobbles are useless; I wonder if there is a charity shop specifically catering to those who have bobbles, kerbies and hair clips all of which are useless now?

4. Though having said that I'm going to save a ton of money on shampoo; what I wasted on bobbles I'll be earning back with the shampoo I'll use, pea sized I tells ya pea sized!

6. Wow it's dry already! Towels and hairdryers may also be useless; my life is about to become so much more productive, I'll never have stiff arms from blow drying AND I'll have an extra 5 minutes in bed....or you know, something worthwhile and productive.

7. Ah this dress only suits long hair damn; aw geeze now I'll have to buy a WHOLE new wardrobe...what a hard life

8. Who cares? I look flawless; every day is like a catwalk... and I can finally be one of those #shorthairdontcare people!

BONUS: Now it doesn't dip in my beverages (which has previously happened on more than one occasion)

So now I have firmly become a proud member of the 'short hair don't care' brigade and shared my words of wisdom I think I have done my part for the cult (just so you're aware our lords are Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner... just sayin) be sure to share your thoughts on hair cuts, hairdressers and just all things hair in the comments below, on Twitter or if you'd like to become part of my cult you can keep up with the blog on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm going to say it #ShortHairDontCare,

H.Elizabeth x


  1. Love the new do! I've got REALLY long hair (like almost to my lower back) because I'd been growing it for our wedding, but now that's done I'm going for the big chop next week. Eek! I'm quite excited but slightly nervous too, I'd been growing my hair for 3 years, so glad I have someone to commiserate/celebrate the chop with!

    1. Thank you, I'm really pleased with it, it's just so easy to style and wash and just everything. I had my hair long for our wedding too but I now wish I had the courage to have it this length, my hairdresser and I spoke about going shorter and went gradually, my before picture wasn't my hair at it's longest but I think it made the transition a bit easier and less of a shock. Love to see your before and after pictures when you go for the chop! Good Luck!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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