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Yoga in the Deen | What to expect from your first yoga class

Yoga Aberdeen

Lady my body simply wasn't meant to bend that way!

Hello everyone, today I am back with yet another exciting Granite City Girl what to expect post and today I'm going to be tackling what to expect from your first yoga class. A few weeks ago one of  my friends and I decided that it would be good for our fitness, health, minds and general well being to take on a yoga class and get some much needed zen in our lives. As you guys know I recently moved house and as well as all of the lovely little moments life throws at you in the mix I was stressed, and I don't do well with stress, and my solution? Yoga! A little piece of advice is NOT the answer!

Unfortunately my local fitness haven Pure Gym does not host yoga classes (guys sort it out!) at the moment so we went to an independent city centre yoga studio which had been given the thumbs up by various yogis and reviewists of the inerwebs and decided to go with a class which noted it was ideal for all experience levels and even beginners. At the beginning of the class we were told to take our yoga mats and some foam blocks (which I had NO idea what they were used for) and find a space. Now this is where we ran into our first hurdle, these classes are in such high demand that you're seriously at risk of a yogi smashing you in the face with their foot, hands, face and all manner of orifice, you're genuinely that close to your neighbour at all times which obviously makes it quite difficult to relax.

We moved through the different positions but it soon became quite clear we were the dunces of the class as we were consistently corrected by the class leader and then advised to literally sit and watch our fellow class mates (rude, hey lady I paid £8 for this class!) I continued to join in and try my best, which as a beginner in a class full of yoga genii that's all you really can do, but at this point either I was acing it or the instructor just straight up gave up on me! I was beginning to enjoy myself a little more, I felt like around halfway through I found my flow and stopped worrying a bit about what everyone else was thinking about me and my abilities, hey everyone's got to start somewhere right? 

The part of the class I found the most difficult and that I wasn't very prepared for was the amount of breathing techniques that would be involved, that is definitely something I have got to work on if I want to keep this class up (if any of you have any yoga tips be sure to leave them below) The class in its entirety lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes with a 5 minute savasana at the end (the sleepy sleepy relaxy bit) and leaving I certainly did feel more refreshed and ready to take on my bed, let's be honest guys yoga makes you sleepy!

The next day however, was an entirely different story. I hurt more than I did after spin class. My legs, my thighs, my abs, my arms even! Everything ached and I found my regular walk to work far tougher than I really should have, so mix that in with having to shift boxes from one end of Aberdeen to another for the next week I was not relaxed, de-stressed or ZEN at all! 

I'm definitely going to continue my You Tube yoga with Adrienne (she always tells me how brilliant I am) I feel like the videos are so much easier as it's just you by yourself and you can pause, rewind and generally take it at your own pace rather than attempting to keep up with a class of 30 seasoned yoga students. Perhaps in a few months time when I'm feeling a bit more confident in my techniques I'll go back but for now I'll stick with spin!

Have you ever attended a yoga class in your area? How did you find the experience? I'd love to hear all of your tips, tricks, and experiences in the comments below, come have a laugh about my experience with me on Twitter or of course if you'd just like to see more of my humiliations be sure to follow Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm just going to skip to savasana.

H.Elizabeth x


  1. I love Yoga With Adrienne! I started a yoga class in January but I've not been in months, so kinda feel a bit bad about going back now haha. It's in tonight so I might try it out after reading this post! The instructor was really good though X

    1. I was so good with her videos at the beginning of the year, I'm really trying to get back into a routine of doing them regularly, but once I had my eyes closed and a spider crawled over my foot and now I just can't relax!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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