Wednesday, 7 October 2015

LASplash Cosmetics | Disney Liquid Lipstick Review

As some of you may know if you have been spying my Twitter and Instagram feeds of late you'll know that I was one of those few who jumped on the liquid lippy bandwagon and got their hands on a few of the Disney lippys by LASplash Cosmetics this last month. These sold like nothing I've ever seen, you know, except for every limited edition MAC lippy ever, and I was so pleased when I was able to get my hands on 3 of the shades I had been coveting, namely Lady, Evil Queen and Belle.

This will have been  my first ever foray into 'American' make up as well as one of my first known forays into cruelty free make up which I am aiming to look a bit more into in the coming months so do stay tuned for that. Ever since I fell head over heels for my bourjois liquid lipsticks, namely in the colour nudist all I have ever wanted to wear has been liquid lipsticks and having heard the likes of LASplash and Limecrime are the reigning champs of liquid lipsticks it felt like fate when LASplash released a Disney line.

For being shipped from the US these really didn't take long to arrive with me, it must have been about 2 weeks max, when I half expected to be waiting for like 6 - 8 weeks and had given up hopes of having these throughout the autumnal season. They came well wrapped in little plastic boxes and I got a little purple glitter pigment as a freebie too so that was nice, though I have no idea what I'll do with it, other than make a quite obvious mess!

The shades I chose for me all all relatively safe, I do tend to stick to my reds and browns and behave like autumn is an all round constant. Lady is what can only be described as a true red with subtle red glitter pigments which is going to be gorgeous for Christmas time and may even end up being my Christmas day lippy, who knows? Only time will tell. Evil Queen is a more burgundy red with purple running throughout the colour in the form of glitter pigments once again, it's so vampy and striking which I love, particularly for this time of year. And finally Belle which along with Nala (which was sold out) I really wanted to get my hands on, once swatched  on my hand Bell looks like a golden colour but on my lips is a beautiful pale coffee shade which I think compliments my skin tone perfectly without making me look washed out.

On the first day I decided to undertake a little experiment and swatch all three to see just how durable these babies were, as they are supposed to be waterproof and literally won't budge unless you want them to (not in a 'I command thee' sort of way!) and I was so so impressed. They didn't budge at all, honestly this was a day where I had a van hired and was moving furniture and it didn't move, I washed my hands, bashed them off boxes, everything, they faded slightly but only moved fully when I took my make up remover to them.

My one and only criticism would be that these are quite drying on your lips and often don't feel very pleasant but I suppose you've just got to prioritize whether you want durability and high pigmentation or the conditioning properties for dry lips. I myself always moisturise my lips in the morning and evening so it doesn't bother me too much, but for those with very dry lips I would steer clear. And on a similar note you have got to be super careful not to drop some of the product on your cheek or anywhere you don't want it that day. I'm serious when I say these lippys don't budge.

I hope you guys have enjoyed yet another lippy review from Granite City Girl, did you manage to get your hands on any LASplash Disney lipsticks? If so leave your thoughts on the in the comments below, I'm also super interested in the Limecrime Velveteen range so if you have any reviews or thoughts on those I'm all ears. Otherwise you can catch me in the usual ways, via Twitter or more from the blog via Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, getting lyrical with my lippy.

H.Elizabeth x

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  1. I like the first lip colour.


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