Friday, 11 September 2015

Nip + Fab | Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream Review

When I first heard the news that you are never considered to be too young to be wearing eye cream I panicked, 'oh my goodness my poor peepers they're doomed,' thoughts of intense eye bags by thirty, creases my make up would fall into and be lost forever filled my brain and images of dark circles plagued my dreams. Okay so perhaps I'm being a little dramatic and exaggerating a little, but I'm not exaggerating when I say I began to experiment with eye creams immediately! I have been through a few in the last year or so and even went as far as to repurchase Lush's Enchanting Eye Cream which, at first, worked a treat for me, it brightened up my under eye baggage and made me feel a little less self conscious (about something I hadn't really been self conscious about until last year!) but as of late those creases have really been getting to me, and my make up and sadly it was time to move on.

On my travels I came across a great deal of new, innovative and exciting skin care 'revelations' that would reverse the signs of aging, typically those all cost a bomb and involved either taking your own blood and smearing it on your face or letting a snail do the dirty under your eye balls, none of which tends to appeal to my price range or stomach for that matter, but thankfully the high street held the answer!

If I'm totally honest I bought this Nip & Fab Bee Sting Eye Cream on a whim along with their face mask of the same range (which I have yet to try and test, so stay tuned for the verdict) it was on offer in my local Boots, and as I'm sure we have discussed before, I'm a sucker for a bargain! The Bee Sting Eye cream at a glance promises to plump, firm and fight against the visible signs of fatigue. The cream required a test patch, much like hair dyes do, this was a little daunting to me so if you are going to give this cream a go make sure you don't try it on a whim right before a big event (I've been there before and it ain't pretty!) So after acing the patch test I was all good to go.

My main concern, as I know it is with many girls, are under eye creases catching all of your foundation / concealer / red lippy (if that takes your fancy) and further defining the shadows of your under eye baggage, and honestly short of botox and a facelift I felt skeptical that any product, particularly on the high street would be able to help me. Boy am I glad I was wrong! The cream is quite a thick consistency and takes a bit more dabbing than any other eye cream I have used in the past to sink in, but the creamy and thickness give it more of a luxe feel which is always nice.

It took me a couple of days use in the evenings after my shower and before moisturising to notice a difference but when I did... it was magical. My under eye bags seemed to be lighter in colour, now I'm not simply saying this is solely down to the eye cream as I have been sleeping a lot better recently and as you know I have been getting a bit of sun, but they seem less puffy and dare I say 'wrinkly' than before. When I was using the cream, because it is a 'bee sting forumla' I had half expected a tingling or stingy sensation when it was applied but thankfully it is so gentle there was none of that nonsense.

After using this cream and reaping the benefits so far I'm really excited to try out the face mask, apparently you can use this as a one off treat as you would a regular face mask or you can leave it on all night to give a proper soak in, though I would worry I'd wake with a Hannah face shape on my pillow so I may give that a miss. As you guys know from my previous Nip and Fab glycolic cleanser review way back when I'm quite a fan of their products and they just continue to surprise and amaze me and I would definitely recommend this to any of you out there who have suffered similar issues with under eye baggage like me, but I MUST stress the importance of a patch test, your eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of your body and you could cause permanent damage if you're not careful!

Okay so disclaimer and warnings aside, I hope you have enjoyed reading this review, drop me a comment below with any Nip and Fab products you have tried and loved or even tried and loathed, otherwise you can catch me on the flipside... otherwise known as Twitter and the latest Granite City Girl posts on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm buzzing about my eye baggage!

H.Elizabeth x

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