Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hayfever Heroism with Kleenex | PR done right

Today I just wanted to share a little bit of summer awesome and a little bit of a win, which if you've been following me on Twitter recently you'll know I desperately needed, and though many of you will think this post is a little sad or sponsored (I can assure you it is not) really I just want you to think of this little bit of kindness in the wider context of the world wide web and applaud this specific company for listening to their Target market in a way companies just don't seem to anymore!

From the title you'll have guessed that said company in question are Kleenex and their #HayfeverHeroism campaign they have been branching across social media platforms with, specifically Twitter and targeting (obviously) hayfever sufferers, which if you read my recent post / rant here you'll know I am, with the view to provide the nation with a Hayfever summer survival kit, which after incessant whining, moaning and general complaints about my current state I was lucky enough to receive.

Incase you missed it my tweet went a little something like this and was in no way shape or form directed at Kleenex looking for free tissues if anything this was just a general musing and a 'why god why!' observation of my life, '@GCityGirl: Sick, sick, sick today hayever 1  Hannah 0 #hayfeverproblems #sickday' to which Kleenex responded, they would like to help and send me one of their sensitive care packs designed specifically with hayfever sufferers in mind. After a couple of emails I sent the company my home address and honestly and much to my own shame forgot all about it until of course the blessed day my nose was saved, hallelujah!

The pack itself has a cute little certificate that comes alongside your care pack, a large multipack of handy travel tissues and of course a coffee table box for when I'm hold up in my house hiding from pollinated air! And really instead of doing a review of the tissues and pack - which in all honesty would bore you to tears, I really just wanted to share this campaign with you all and how amazing a thing I think it is for a company in this day and age just to do something for their consumers for the sake of being nice (and of course getting brand recognition such as this) but really how often can you really say you get something for nothing and in such a lovely way? I thought the certificate was a particularly nice touch as the handwritten tweet goes to show it isn't just boxed and sent out to your address with no personal recognition.

And so to end today's post I really just want to say a big thank you and well done to Kleenex for bringing this campaign to tweeters and social media platforms across the UK and for of course keeping in mind we seasonal sufferers who really do go through a helluva lot of tissues in the summer (preach!) I'd love to hear if you have had any experience with companies like this and what your favourite social media campaign by a large corporation has been because I'll bet we're all hard pressed to think of anything this similar! Be sure to leave your comments below, come share your experiences with me on Twitter or of course if you'd like to continue to see me share the love come follow Granite City Girl on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, blowing with sensitive care!

H.Elizabeth x

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