Friday, 28 August 2015

Aberdeen Bloggers meet up | Day at the Duthie Park

As some of you might know recently I attended my first ever official 'bloggers meet up' in Aberdeen with the #Abzmeet gang at the Duthie Park for coffee, cake and a good old natter. The day was organised by Karen of Tiny Bird Heart and I have to say despite my nerves on the walk over I had a brilliant time, it was lovely getting to know the ladies who were able to make it along being, Anastasia of Natbee's Fashion, Amey of Teacups and Buttondrops, Sam of Hello From Rose Bud Annie, Amy of Beadbash and Sarah of Sarah Rooftops and of course the cake helped a lot too! Just for those of you 'not from 'round ere' the Duthie Park has a cafe, play park (as the name may suggest) the Winter Gardens with all sorts of plants, including spike the talking cactus and a mechanical frog (which freaks me the frick out!) it's a really lovely place to go for a day out with the family to chill out in the sunshine or just have a walk around.

The day we went there was an event on for the Friends of Duthie Park with bouncy castles, local Aberdeen charities, games and old favourites such as hook a duck, Northsound Radio station were there providing much entertainment for the day and some rather fetching vehicles from the Alford transport museum which we rather took a shine to as you'll see. Instead of nattering on at you about the happenings of the meet up (which I have pretty much already done) I'm just going to show you a little photo diary of what we did and where we went (minus cake, because like a 'bad blogger' I ate my cake almost immediately but you can take my word for it that it was beautiful!)

There were a tonne of other pictures, but unless you want to be here all day checking out close ups of ever more flowers I think we ought to call it a day. It was so lovely to meet the Abzmeet gang, everyone is so unique and has such a brilliant take on blogging and I really do encourage you to go and check them out for yourselves! But alas until next time remember to leave your comments below, maybe you're a fellow 'Deen blogger and fancy coming along next time, be sure to check out the Abzmeet Facebook page, #Abzmeet on Twitter or if you'd just like to keep up with my shenanigans be sure to follow me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, promise I'll picture my cakes next time!


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