Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#Hayfever Problems | Things people with hayfever are sick of hearing

In case you hadn't guessed from the title of this post, I am a hayfever sufferer, and I stress the word suffer with great emphasis and general pain, because I honestly don't think this is stressed ENOUGH throughout summer! Every year, without fail, ever since I was seventeen years old I have been foiled by the countless television adverts and magazine articles on the build up of summer, how amazing it's going to be, how warm, how stylish and oh so disney-esque and wonderful, but when it does come, it feels like the firey, itchy inferno where dreams of carefree summers go to die as I'm struck down with the plight of my hayfever yet again!

So in light of how depressing and generally sniffly, itchy and painful my summers are I thought why not share this joy with you lovely people on the blogosphere and keep you safe out there, safe not from pollen, oh no, safe from those you are potentially, in fact, if you don't suffer with hayfever, really I mean safe from those you will undoubtedly anger from the following phrases they really don't want to hear right now:

#1 Have you tried Benadryl?
What you really should be asking seasonal sufferers is if there is anything they haven't tried, trust me this disease is so irritating we've tried everything, eye-drops, nasal sprays, plug ins for the house, showering twice (sometimes thrice daily) so by asking if we have tried the most common hayfever relief on the market, all you're really asking for is a swift kick in the nads.

#2 Try eating local honey
This does not work. Trust me I've tried all of the tricks, and I don't even like honey, so really I subjected myself to months of spoons of warm honey and lemon water, honey in cereal and even honey on toast for naught!

#3 It's because you don't eat the right kinds of foods
Diet has a great deal to answer for, somehow all of the 'health blogs' of the world have it in their heads diet is the cure for all of your ailments, well let me tell you this honey, my diet is A - OKAY - I eat healthily, barely ever drink and still I sneeze.

#4 It's because you don't exercise enough
See above and apply to exercise.

#5 Just stop itching
Really its the only very naive who think this is helpful, and all I can really do is tilt my head and say 'really?!'

#6 Why don't you go to the doctors?
Have you ever tried walking in to your doctors office with a case of hayfever? I have, thrice! The outcome is always the same, a new tablet that does little to nothing to help me but is somehow 'as strong as you get' every time, or sometimes you're practically laughed out and told to come back with a 'real illness'

#7 Why don't you get rid of your outdoor cat or just keep her inside?
Perhaps the most infuriating and narrow minded of all - yes, in fact why don't I just live inside a bubble and wait out the summer!? Better yet I'll seal myself off from all human contact because believe it or not pollen grains don't just cling to fur it's all over yo face!

#8 My hayfever is so much worse
Great, let me blow your nose and itch your eyes since you have it so much worse. I don't care!

#9 You look awful
What's next comments about my weight and shape? No matter the time of the year, how swollen, puffy and red my face gets it's never an invitation to comment on my appearance, least of all when I KNOW how I look, not only does it look terrible, it feels terrible.

#10 Hayfever isn't that bad
Ignorance truly is bliss and if this statement doesn't sum it up for all you seasonal sufferers, then I don't know what will. Pass judgement on things you know, like being a douche!

Alas the hunt continues, today I can merely dream of a day where outdoor BBQ's don't bed me for days, a day where I can open my windows freely in summer with only the fear of bees coming in to launch an all out war in my home, and a day where I can cuddle my hairy baby freely without sneezing, itching, oozing and wheezing. So now that you guys have that lovely mental picture I'll bid you farewell - off to my icy tower of concealment where pollen goes to die. Be sure to leave your (helpful hayfever) comments below, come share your thoughts with me on Twitter, or if you'd like to keep up with the latests be sure to follow me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, I'm off where summer dreams go to die!



  1. The runny nosed, puffy eyed look of a Hayfever sufferer is not a pretty sight and it's worse when you are the person that's having to deal with the snot and itchy eyes. I used to be quite bad when I was younger but I started to "grow" out of it in my 20's so fingers crossed it happens to you too. My Dad told me once that when he was taking me to the Drs (Denburn Health Centre) as they thought I was suffering from Hayfever, I wasn't sneezing or anything so he made us walk through Union Terrace Gardens so by the time I got to the Drs I would be puffy eyed and runny nosed!!! :O Hope it's not been too bad for you this year xx

    1. I do feel as though mine was at its worst when I first had it but I'm unsure if that's because I am growing out of it as you said or if I just know how to handle it a bit better, honestly I used to be bedridden with it, which people I worked with thought was ridiculous but that's just our plight! Haha I should have done that the last few times I went to the doctors, it's always funny that whenever I go to the doctors my symptoms are never as bad!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  2. I agree with this SO much, it really irritates me when people tell me to eat honey or just try some brand of hayfever tablets. I've tried everything, and the only thing that actually stops me suffering horrifically is if I take tablets once a day AND a nasal spray twice a day (I'm pretty sure you're not even meant to take them together actually...) and that only just about keeps it at bay haha! You're spot on with this post! :)

    Sian x

    1. Exactly, I think when it comes to issues like health in particular everyone thinks they need to weigh in with their opinions and what they think is 'help' but the reality is if you've never had it you just don't understand, and I think it's really played down as a minor summer annoyance for some in the UK but it's so much more!!!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  3. I just got this balm from Boots, it's called something like Hay Max? It seems to have been working good for me so far! You can put it under your eyes and just outside your nose x

    1. Ah yes they come in those little tubs a bit like vaseline, I tried one of those from ASDA a few years ago but I got cat hair stuck to my face and needless to say that just made it worse! I don't even like lip balm at the best of times everything just seems to stick to my face!! haha

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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