Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Smashbox Cosmetics | Contour Kit Review

It must be said, I am a sucker for sales dupes, particularly when it comes to make up sales reps. Now I like to think that I am a strong, independent, go-getter of a woman, so why is it when it comes to entering Boots cosmetics I'm as ill willed as Snow White - never mind taking a bite of the damn apple I'd make a pie and gorge on the thing! But I digress, today we're not going to be devling into my inner psyche and uncovering deep rooted psychological issues that seem to attract me to the 'shiny shiny' of life instead I'm going to make lemonade from my lemon of a cosmetic situation and share my latest impulse buy, the brand new Smashbox Contour Kit.

Granted now that the product has been out for a fair while it isn't exactly new, but at least this gives you a sort of time frame as to how long it has taken me to learn how to use this nifty little palette. I had some apprehensions about buying this product, I had literally gone in to buy a new primer and the sales rep convinced me that this palette was all that was missing from my life and make up collection (I caved, obviously) and as he mentioned it was a great kit for peely wallys  like me I near leapt at him! As you can see the palette comes with three shades, the contour, bronzer and highlight as well as a handy little brush (which isn't very good) and perhaps the best thing about this palette - a handy sheet detailing every face shape and where you ought to contour - needless to say my face  is in the 'round' category, soon all that was about to change.

Admittedly I didn't get on with the palette at first, mainly because I was so excited to get sculpted cheekbones you could cut yourself on that I clarted all of the things on my face only to look like I had been playing in the mud or been up a chimney (ala Bert from Mary Poppins) So it was time to take a step back and believe me when I tell you that for us pale girls, a little goes a long way! The diagram told me that as I have a round face I had to contour in a 3 shape from my temples, into my cheek hollows and down around my jaw line, as well as the sides and inner corners of my eyes, put the bronzer from my cheekbones up to my temple, and highlight the middle of my forehead, down my nose and in the centre of my chin. Previously I had been highlighting underneath my eyes and pretty much giving myself a moon face... also not a great look!

At first I really thought the powder was going to be flimsy as I don't usually get along with powdered products (so messy on your clothes!) but this was surprisingly dense without being heavy (in other words juuuust right) and so when applied correctly it will go exactly where you need it to. After blending the product with my real techniques powder brush (don't worry I'm going to invest in a buffer brush) I was pretty much good to go. The staying power of the product was great and I was chuffed to find that it didn't mattify my foundation or congeal as some products do. Overall I am quite happy with this contour palette, the instructions are simple, the forumla works right and it stays all day so they've got the makings of a pretty amazing product here.

I am most looking forward to perfecting my blending technique as that is where I am a bit sketchy, so if you have any products or brushes that might be able to help me out as always I am all ears. Leave your comments and suggestions below, come share your amazing ideas with me on Twitter or of course if you'd like to keep up with my latests you can follow me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, sculpting my face to Kardashian perfection.

H.Elizabeth x

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