Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Move to Micellar | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

As you'll know from my various postings, reviews and general endeavours for the last year I have been revamping my skincare routine. From  making the move from make up wipes (YUCK!) to a cream cleanser by Garnier to implementing various exfoliation and moisturising rituals week on week my skin has undergone quite dramatic improvements in the last year. It behaves much better, feels moisturized day on day regardless of weather and it's generally brighter (something I put down to lemon water too) But today I am making another move, taking the next step if you will in skincare evolution and that is the move from cream cleansers to micellar waters.

Now I'm sure you'll have seen micellar cleasners knocking about for a good while now and you'll have perhaps read that I have made the move when it comes to eye make up removal already and it's really my head over heels infatuation what that product that has made me rethink the way in which I have been removing my base make up. Finding a new cleanser was easy, considering I know what I love and I know what my skin loves I went for Garnier (because they have never really steered me wrong) and picked this little lovely up from Boots as part of an offer once again!

The product promises to be gentle on the skin, remove face, eye and lip make up as well as have hypoallergenic qualities, which is perfect for me, really sometimes I do think I should just live in a big bubble or incubator and bounce my way places, but I digress. I found the cleanser was much easier to handle than cream based cleansers mainly because it doesn't leave your face feeling greasy or as if it needs a good wash afterwards. As you'll probably have guessed it is perfume free just to make it that much gentler on the skin and really it sometimes just feels as if I'm reaching for some water to wash my face with (yeah, MAGIC water!) so it feels so much more refreshing and is going to be perfect for taking abroad in the muggier weather. The product also says it can last for up to 200 uses, I'm looking forward to putting this to the test, but I can completely see why they say that as a little really does go a long way.

Of course even though it does posses qualities I could only have dreamed of previously in a make up remover I'm not saying that it is perfect. You will obviously still have to implement a solid cleansing routine just to ensure you're not trapping any excess make up / dirt / dew of the day in your pores which could ultimately lead to nasty breakouts and potentially social suicide... nah just kidding... but seriously look after your skin. All in all though I do recommend this if you're looking for something a bit lighter on your skin that requires even less maintenance than cream cleansers do and I'm really looking forward to using this in the summer to help my skin stay, look and feel fresh as a daisy.

I hope you've enjoyed this general review on my new micellar and if you have any cleansers that you've been loving or even just want to share your thoughts on this one in particular be sure to leave a comment below, come tweet your thoughts at me, or of course if you just want to see more of my cleansed face you can follow me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, making the move to micellar.

H.Elizabeth x


  1. I made the "move to Micellar" a few months ago and I have never looked back! I find that on the days where I cannot get to it because I have left it someplace my face almost CRAVES it! I have three bottles right now and I don't have access to it here in South Africa so I will be needing to get some more in a couple of months. EEK.


    1. Yes I feel as though if I removed my make up with anything else now my skin would rebel, but that's alright I don't intend on moving back! Wouldn't it be simple if we could just dip our faces in water and it just came off?!

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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