Friday, 17 April 2015

Gym Time | Five Things Nobody Tells You About Going To The Gym

Back at you again today with another gym time, fitness and health post and this time I thought instead of telling you about how my classes are going or how I'm finding fitness recently I would share a few nuggets of information I have accumulated about the gym and some things I never realized before actually going. This isn't as a means to put you off of going to the gym so you guys balloon up with my homemade brownie recipe as a way to make myself look slimmer.... really it isn't, these are just some of the things that since going to my local gym have made me laugh, cry and overall cringe!

#1 Machine Rivalry is a thing
If you're a competitive person this will fit right into your category, I remember one instance a while ago when I was very into cardio and going on the treadmill etc that this man on the machine next to me kept 'casually' glancing over at my screen to see how fast I was increasing my speed to and funnily enough if I was at 9KM/PH he would increase his to 9.5KM/PH and so it went on and on until eventually he almost popped a blood vessel! And that ladies and gentleman is machine rivalry, and it's a more common thing than you realise.

#2 You will encounter excessive body fluids (of strangers)
You know those rules and guidelines you get when first attending the gym? The ones people very rarely read or take notice of? Well you'll find that nobody takes notice of them or carries a towel around with them for that matter, so unfortunately you will encounter far more bodily fluids of strangers than you would care to (ever in your life!) Really it's on the windows on the windows, on the walls on the walls and sweat drips down their... (you get the drift)

#3 Personal Space will be a much coveted commodity (and a thing of the past)
If you attend classes you'll hear the personal trainer ask everybody to find a space, which you will but give it about 30 seconds and you'll have a sweaty stranger at your shoulder attempting their jump lunges - my solution stand with your legs spread for more space!

#4 Weight hoarding is also a thing and it will be the bane of your fitness life
There's always one isn't there? Every time I go to my kettlebell classes I find it incredibly difficult to even locate the weights and some people have even started coming half an hour early just to hoard the weight by their side on the treadmill until they think they might use it.

#5 How awesome going to the gym actually is
There ain't nothing like endorphins to end the day or begin the day depending on when you go to the gym. It feels terrible at the time but there is nothing like the afterglow of a good work out / sweating session, it's true what they say, you'll never regret going to the gym but you'll regret not going.

So guys I hope you have enjoyed reading today's musings about the gym and the world of fitness, I'd love to hear any of your funny stories from the gym or perhaps just working out at home, be sure to leave them in the comments below, come share your thoughts with me on Twitter, or of course if you'd just like to keep up with the latest Granite City Girl posts you can find me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, coveting my sweaty, personal space.
H.Elizabeth x

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