Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mothers Day Gift Idea | Cakes By Post with Baker Days

If you, like me, have been struggling a little bit in the gift ideas department for Mothers Day then this revolutionary new service (for people wit a sweet tooth anyway) may just be what you have been looking for. A few weeks ago I was approached by Baker Days, an online cake delivery service who specialize in personalized cakes and cupcakes for any and all occasions (and I mean all occassions - they have a Ryan Gosling cake for goodness sake, yummy in more than one way I suppose!) and they asked me if I would be interested in giving my own mum the gift of a letter box cake in celebration of mothers day, which of course as an avid cake lover I jumped at!

Mothers Day Gift Idea
Upon looking a bit more into their services I found that Baker Days are no one trick ponies, with services ranging from letter box cakes to large personalized cakes, photo cakes and even cupcakes, with next working day delivery if ordered before 2pm and not to mention they are incredibly delicious I think this is a service that is certainly due to take off in 2015! There is something a little bit more satisfying about not having to move from the comfort of your own home for a cake (the former fat kind in me beams at the thought!) all you need to do is choose your design, size, sponge flavour (they also do fruit cakes, dairy free and gluten free so something for everyone!), give them your address and you're good to go.

The letter box cakes come in a white box which is well packaged and I was very pleased to find that the postal service hadn't damaged the box or contents (I have not had the best relations with the postal services!) Here is what the cake itself comes in, a beautiful little tin that you can keep after you've demolished the innards along with a little card, pamphlet about Baker Days and a small pack of love heart sweets. Even before we got the tin open we could smell the cake, it was all butter-creamy and mouthwatering, the tin was incredibly difficult to open although given it has to go through postal to arrive this can only be a good thing. The design I chose doesn't look exactly like the design on the website  it is a bit blurry but nothing was majorly out of place. Now I hear you scream, 'but how did it taste?' well we were able to get four portions out of the cake and it tasted delicious, and it makes me squeamish too but as it was a mothers day cake I had to get the lady of the hours verdict, summed up by one word, 'moist' and when it comes to cake that's really all you need (the Mary Berry in me coming out!)

Given that the cake went down an absolute treat with my mum, dad and my hubby I would say Baker Days have it nailed for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays and all manner of occasions (and I'm not kidding when I say they have something for everyone!) and they've definitely struck a chord with me! If you know anyone who would love to receive not only a personalised card (which we are incredibly saturated with in the UK) but a personalised cake they could actually enjoy head over to Baker Days just now and have a browse of their amazing range! If you'd like to share a similar service with me of course I'm all ears, drop me a comment below, come Tweet at me or if you'd like to keep up with the latest Granite Cit Girl antics, adventures and reviews be sure to follow me on Bloglovin!

Until next time folks, drooling over a new kind of Ryan Gosling!

H.Elizabeth x

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