Friday, 27 March 2015

MAC Lipstick | Craving a Cosmo

Well ladies and gents it's that time of the month again, perhaps I should say week rather, where like a magnet I am drawn ever so slowly into the MAC store to look at all of the pretty lovelies they so often have in store and once again I am pleased (my bank balance not so) to report that I have added not one, but two new sultry shades to my ever growing MAC lipstick collection. So to make myself feel a bit better at spending an eye watering £31.00 on two shades at once I thought I would share my purchases with you and attempt to rationalize such reckless spending.

This time, and as per usual, I was drawn towards their lipsticks. After falling head over heels for Bourjois Rouge Edition matte gloss in 'Nudeist' I decided I needed something a bit more hydrating and with greater wear ability in a similar shade - because lipstick all over a Starbucks cup is just not appealing! And like many of us self confessed make up addicts I found myself in MAC. Recently I have been finding it increasingly difficult to get into MAC, mostly because I go at peak times and nobody seems to actually want to go in to buy a lipstick, instead what they'll do is crowd around the lipsticks going through each and every stick for swatches then gushing over the shades which is just fine, if they would let the actual buyers in to get a look at least. After spending about 10 minutes battling my way to the front I finally had my moment and by god did I seize it! (victory is mine)

So instead of just being good and making an informed decision I found myself panicking at the prospect of potentially never getting to see the MAC counter ever again (a slight exaggeration on the part of my inner monologue) and ended up coming away with not one but two brand new creme sheen sticks - I regret nothing! Admittedly the shades are quite similar but they're right up my street so I thought 'why not?' Not only are they similar in shades but names too (as you can see from my oh so clever title) they are called 'Craving' and 'Cosmo'

First of all, Craving is described as a  'burst of plum' and I can completely see why, it is subtle enough that you can wear it day to day while also looking striking on paler skin tones such as my own, I would say it's a good tester lipstick for when you're trying to be a bit more adventurous. As ever the lipstick just glides on - never found a smoother application than with MAC, I have yet to find a liner for this one (or Cosmo for that matter) but if you can think of one to recommend I'm all ears! Cosmo on the other hand is far more of a nudey pink than a plumy pink, described as a 'pink coco' which as per usual, MAC, you have hit the nail on the head and of course it reminds me of a pink coco truffle. Through the grapevine I have heard nobody ever looks bad in Cosmo and I can quite believe it, being a striking shade on paler skin and I imagine even so on darker tones it's a beautiful colour with a gorgeous creme sheen finish similar to Craving.

I can't wait to debut these in the summer and I'm pretty sure these will be getting packed for Paris in May (a mere 8 whole weeks away!) but as I of course said I'm still on the hunt for perfect liners to compliment these so if you have any suggestions be sure to share them with me in the comments below, Tweet them at me, or as usual and of course if you'd just like to see more from me be sure to follow me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks I'm craving more cosmos (and MAC)
H.Elizabeth x


  1. I love Mac products and I think a lot of their stuff is justifiable for the price too. I love their foundation and they Have an amazing range of lip colours! These 2 are perfect for spring too x

    1. I think it can be difficult to get over the initial shock of the price but once you have seen the quality of their products it can be difficult to find a high street brand that cna compete! Yes their foundation is great, I did a post on their studio sculpt recently which I have been using since July 2014.

      Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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