Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lady Power | Femtellectual

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a little bit with you about a website that Granite City Girl also features on that I think deserves a bit of light and attention shed on it and that is the lady driven blogging / magazine platform of Femtellectual.
I have been writing for Femtellectual quite regularly for the last couple of months and I have been loving every minute. We are basically a collection of ladies who write about anything and everything from politics to pedicures, feminism to film and everything in between. We are a community of women from all over the UK who support equal opportunities and rights for women, identify as both intelligent and 'girly' and reserve the right to share our views, opinions and general goings on with the world.
So ladies and gents if you enjoy witty, intelligent conversation, debate and reviews be sure to pop over to the website, or visit the Twitter page and check out some pretty clever ladies and their musings on life!
Until next time folks, feeling fem.
H.Elizabeth x


  1. Love what you're doing for Femtellectual! 2015 should be the year for us ladies! Girl Power! xx

    1. I love working with Femtellecutal, such clever young ladies and the community of writing talent is fab!

      Hannah x

      Hannah | Granite City Girl


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