Thursday, 12 February 2015

Granite City Girl is now on Pinterest!

Ladies and gentlemen I have a new obsession, it takes up a great deal of my time, shows me pretty things I simply can't have and is basically another way I can justify sitting on the sofa stuffing my face with doughnuts, I am talking about Pinterest. Yes some of you may say I am late to the party, but hey better late than never right?!
Pinning, repinning, liking, loving, let's just say it is one of my new hobbies (which is a fine way to justify laziness and procrastination) If you'd like to come find me you'll be treated to plenty of new recipes, style inspiration and motivational quotes a plenty (because who doesn't need a little kick up the bottom sometimes?) 
My main motivation behind joining the legion of pinners is because as some of you may know hubby and I are looking to relocate later on this year and as much as I would love to, I just don't have a head for interior design and Pinterest appears to be where the designers, interior decorators and creative heads live which so far has been glorious. Pinterest also serves as inspiration for new recipes, style ideas and of course make up tutorials, so far this is doing nothing to help my bank balance!
So if you would like to join me on Pinterest and waste your days away looking at all of the pretty lovelies of the world then my link is: and of course as you know I love hearing from you, and I am in need of some more pinners to follow be sure to comment below with your Pinterest profile or of course as always you can catch me on Twitter or follow my weekly happenings on Bloglovin.
Until next time folks, I'll be pinning all of the things!
H.Elizabeth xx

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