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Keeping Cosy this Christmas | Winter Essentials

Something I adore about Winter and the colder months is that my perpetually cold state can be appropriately justified and it gives me a fab excuse to layer up with jumper upon jumper under my dressing gown and of course have my heating up full blast without complaint (both a pleasure and a joy for being around those who appear to be constantly hot throughout the rest of the year!)

Given that the colder weather has just hit us in Scotland like a tonne of bricks, and that as a ground floor tenant in a previously council owned flat next to the coast (which of course makes me an absolute expert in heat conservation!) I thought I would share my top picks for keeping cosy indoors this Christmas and hopefully this might help you create your own little burrito of cosiness for this supposed 'weather bomb' coming our way! 

Philosophy Shower Gel, Damart Slipper Boots and ASDA Fairy Lights - Winter Warmers

Fluffy superman dressing gown by George ASDA (Stolen from hubby)
A Christmas 2013 gift from my parents to my hubby...and now it's mine! I actually wear this year long, even in warmer summer evenings (as I mentioned my perpetually cold state earlier!) I enjoy a longer gown as the short "girly" ones just don't do their jobs, when it comes to dressing gowns I go for durability, comfy, cosiness and something super, not sex appeal!

Blanket cape by New Look
Straight from my November wishlist to the comforts of my very own home! I grabbed this one while they were still in store, and you know even now their moment in the Autumnal outdoors has come and past at least I have a lovely cosy blanket to see me through the chilly nights in addition to my superman dressing gown!

I actually got sent these bad boys by Damart to share with you lovelies and I admit at first I was a wee bit skeptical since I already have a pair of slipper boots I adore and I thought how can they get better? But trust me these are on another level of comfort and feet treat goodness! They apparently have some thermal tech (which I'm not up on since I'm not down with the kids) but they keep your toes cosy with their furry lining and I'm pleased to find a pair of slippers that are durable enough to stomp through the house in without ripping of getting a stray stone through! These haven't been off my feet since they arrived and of course have joined my winter warmer essentials.

Fairy lights by ASDA
These little lovelies are enough to get anyone in the festive spirit! I bought these for about £3/£4 a few weeks ago and wound them around the top frame of our bed which ultimately transformed the entire appearance of our wee bedroom (I don't even think I'm exaggerating!) They are the perfect little night lights for reading in bed on chilly nights and I just love how they look, so much so that I have recently bought another 2 sets and wound one around the tiered storage rack in my wardrobe to make all of my clothes look super pretty.

Granny's apple pie shower gel by Philosophy
When you get in from the cold, darker days it's nice to just chill out and have a nice warm shower (I don't have a bath unfortunately!) and what better shower companion than a great bit apple pie!? Well not quite but this is my favourite shower gel to come home to in the evenings in particular it is such a warming, relaxing scent and sets you right up for bed time and relaxing evenings. You can read my full review of this product here

Homemade cinnamon hot chocolate by me
As you guys know I have been dabbling and experimenting quite a bit in my kitchen recently and I am pleased to report another culinary success in the form of my winter warmer cinnamon stick hot chocolate. It may be the thickest, creamiest and sweetest hot chocolate or general thing I have ever had but it is to die for and it is especially Christmassy with the cinnamon scents and tastes throughout!

So guys I do hope you've enjoyed reading my favourite Winter warmer essentials and I'd love to hear what your strategies are for keeping warm inside in the Winter. Be sure to drop me a comment below, come share your best cosies with me on Twitter or of course you can keep up with my cosies by following me on Bloglovin

Until next time folks.


  1. It's so funny but our flat is always really warm, we've lived here for over a year and a half and have never had to put the heating on once and rarely wear anything more than t-shirts. I do miss getting all snuggled up sometimes though (although we do save a fortune on heating so I can't really complain). In my old house though I had an electric blanket and that was amazing.

    1. As much as I complain about our heat escaping I know I would complain if I couldn't snuggle down with a blanket and an electric one is something I may just have to invest in, but I feel my cat would confiscate it!

      Hannah x

  2. I sleep with so many blankets on my bed its ridiculous, I'm constantly cold! The slipper boots look amazing, I'll have to get myself some as I always have freezing feet!

    Sophie x |

    1. These slipper boots have honestly been a godsend they are the cosiest addition to my comfy cosies this winter!

      Hannah x


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