Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lush | Enzymion Review

Recently I have been having major skin woes and worries, which of course as you all know only makes break outs and temperamental skin problems worse! I tried a few highly recommended products, one from Arbonne, I used my trusty old Nivea, E45 for dry patches and unfortunately none of them really helped to the extent I have been looking for. All fantastic products, just not for this particular severe case!

So as you of course do, I went to Lush to cheer myself up and I did no end! I originally just went in looking for a skin treat like a Facemask or something (Love Lettuce, which I bought and it too is amazing) but upon explaining the problems I've been having with my skin to the lovely shop assistant, she suggested I try out this Enzymion facial moisturiser (I got a small sample pot at first)

But upon trying the sample pot I loved it so much and even though I did clart it on, that's how I like my moisturiser, and my skin felt amazing. Now I'm not saying it was simply down to the moisturiser, I have developed quite an intense skin care routine involving exfoliating, cleansing, face masks, eye creams and moisturising, but honestly I've never felt anything like it.

Usually when I use a moisturiser and my skin is that dehydrated I feel a sort of burning sensation of the cream reacting with my skin, then I resemble Freddie Kruger on an off day with my inflamed face and dry patches! But this actually felt 'good' the moisturiser is very silky in texture so I feel you do need quite a lot of it for one application, but it dries so quickly and leaves a matte finish so I'm not complaining.

Lush Enymion Moisturiser - RRP £14.50

What's in it?
The main selling point for me was the fresh fruit ingredients, featuring the juice of an entire lemon! In addition to the other mains of fresh papaya, blended in light oils and cocoa butter, the girl in the store said this is the best moisturiser for getting rid of dead skin cells and replenishing the look of tired or damaged skin, and since using this moisturiser I have definitely noticed my skin has brightened up a bit.

Overall verdict
I do still have to be careful with the amount of foundation I put on, especially if it's my MAC studio sculpt due to it being so thick, but at least when I do have a heavy handed evening, now I have a quick ish remedy.

I took about 3 or 4 days to see a visible difference in my skin but now that I'm using it on a daily and nightly basis I find myself not even needing to wear foundation every day (which in the long run is a total money saver)

This is a balanced moisturiser, meaning it can help balance oily skin or moisturise and hydrate dry skin and I'm definitely going to be purchasing this again, and I'm going to continue recommending it to people with skin problems similar to my own!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review and I'd love to hear your skin or lush loves, have you tried out another of their moisturisers or face masks worth checking out? Drop me a comment below, come share it with me on Twitter or if you'd like to keep up with my reviews, fashion and lifestyle posts be sure to follow me on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks.
H.Elizabeth x


  1. They are hidden gems the skincare world needs to know about!

  2. 3-4 days is rapid improvement as many products take weeks to work you've found yourself a little gem! Xxxx

    1. Very very chuffed with this one, I suppose it's all about finding what works for you, it has been a long haul though! Xx


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