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Filling Station Aberdeen | Christmas Menu Review

As you'll probably notice this is not Wednesday or Sunday, but I couldn't wait to share this special review with you from an event I attended just this week, I hope you enjoy!

Just this week I attended my first ever blogger event, which was exciting, nerve wracking, fab and just a down right brilliant evening. We were all invited along to try out and test the Filling Station Aberdeens new Christmas menu and cocktails which I do believe go live as from next week and guys really, get yourself along and stuff yourselves silly!

The Filling Station Aberdeen Union Street

The Filling Station, for those who have never been is an American Style restaurant who have a good few restaurants in Scotland. They specialize in authentic American dishes and always try to offer a unique twist to their specific menu so there really is something for everyone.

When we arrived the scent of warm cinnamonny cider filled the restaurant and thankfully those were for us, and was to be the first of many more cocktails on their way! But let's crack on and review this menu shall we?!


We were treated to a mini cocktail masterclass which was entertaining when the head cocktail master (this is absolutely not the technical term!) picked on people to pretend to be Parick Swayze. We were shown literally every new Christmas cocktail and the meaning behind them was explained which was great to listen to.

Mimosa (Or as we know it Bucks Fizz)
Pitched to us as the simple Christmas morning drink, this is the American style version of our Bucks Fizz, sounding a bit more sophisticated, but I was really surprised as to how much work and attention to detail the bar tender put into this particular drink as it seems so simple.

Egg nog
Something I have never tried, but having watched it being made I would certainly love to, and usually when I see something being made it puts me off! The key ingredient for this festive treat? Gingerbread syrup, need I say more?

Chocolate Orange Martini
Based on the UK tradition of enjoying a Terry's Chocolate Orange in your stocking (clever eh?) it was actually blended with a white chocolate liqueur to take the darkness out of the drink which is great if you're not looking for something too heavy.

The Snowman
By far my favourite, I can only describe this fun little fella as milkshakey, he's made of vodka and creamy goodness and vanilla syrup. With whipped cream topped for a heat and chocolate for eyes he's simply adorable!

Filling Station Festive Menu 2014


Mushroom Risotto
(This is actually a main on the menu but since there was a vegetarian among us it came out first)Since I don't like mushrooms I wasn't really holding out much hope for starter number one, but this creamy dish was a delight, and I scoffed it! (minus a few mushrooms)

Goats Cheese Bruschetta
My friend actually ate this for me (sorry Filling Station Chef) but the only cheese I dislike is goats cheese.

Main Dishes

Maple Bacon Burger
Of course this reminded me of Elf (perhaps this was the inspiration?) Everyone was pretty skeptical about this dish but it was a-ma-zing! I am now a passionate advocate of maple syrup on everything, I mean who would have known!? Traditionally Aberdonians aren't known for their keen palette on sweet and savory but all I know is we were in awe!

Maple Bacon Burger
Turkey Dinner
Of course we had to have this wee traditional feast in here, even though it was a smaller portion it certainly filled a gap. Turkey with all of the trimmings indeed, my favourite part of a roast is dipping all of the things in cranberry sauce so I was chuffed by the major tub we were given!

Turkey Dinner

Cookie Cheesecake
A sharer I'm afraid for us anyway, things got serious when I heard my friend and I had to share, I was stuffing my gob like I don't now what! The cheesecake is made with oreos and mascarpone cheese, the perfect blend of creamy taste and the richness of the oreos.

Cookie Cheesecake

I highly recommend you get yourself booked in for the Filling Station at least once this Christmas, perfect for if you're organising the office party, catching up and exchanging gifts with old friends or even if you just want something a little different from your usual Christmas dinner. This restaurant has something for everyone this festive season! Remember this is just a sample of what they actually have in the restaurant for the full menu please check out their website.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the Filling Station for giving me the opportunity to come along and sample their Christmas menu for the blog, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on the menu especially and I hope you do get a chance to go and have a taste! If you do happen to go what do you think? Drop me a comment below come catch me on Twitter or keep up with my latests on Bloglovin

Until next time folks.

H.Elizabeth x

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