Wednesday, 12 November 2014

All Brand New | Eyebrows on Point

Hello everyone, as you may have noticed recently through my intsagram or twitter posts I have had my eyebrows done (waxed and tinted) for the first time in my life and so I thought I would share my experience of this with you and tell you how I style them on a daily basis (such an odd concept!)

On a weekend away in Dundee my friends and I decided to book in a few beauty treatments to pamper ourselves and generally have a relaxing weekend so we went to a central salon I believe it was called 'Glow' and booked in our chosen treatments, mine of course being a wax and tint. I was honestly a bit apprehensive about waxing my eyebrows as I don't have the best track record of liking make up and treatments others have done to my face in the past. But the therapist put me at ease and explained it really is the best and most effective way to get a good shape so on I went!

Since having my hair done I have had to put a bit more brow gel and powder on because my hair is so much darker so I thought I would plan a head, saving money in the long run and just have them tinted. I was a little taken a back when the therapist asked what colour I'd like of course I'd like it to match the hair on my head wasn't that logical? But then I remembered all of the ladies who appear to be sporting sharpie brows and felt slightly silly!

The colour was done within minutes, it smelt lovely not like some of the toxicy smelling dyes you sometimes get in salons and beauty establishments and thank goodness it didn't burn. I was really pleased with the colour and I honestly could have easily stopped there but I put on a brave face and had my face waxed!

The pain wasn't bad at all it was over within minutes (my brows were quite full so for others time and pain may vary) It was of course very red when it was finished but that is to be expected! So it was time for the big reveal! 

Left - Before. Right - After

Tah - Dah and I love them (when I put on the filler myself!)  I have even invested in a more expensive brow kit to maintain their shape and to save me going from fierce to fluffy! It's incredible the way that you never notice how bad something has gotten until you have it fixed, I vow to Cara Delevingne and her perfectly formed brows that I shall never let mine become so unruly and misshapen for as long as I blog!

Have you guys ever undergone professional threading, waxing, tinting and plucking or even dared to brave 'HD' brows? Drop me a comment below, come chat with me on the Twittersphere or as usual if you'd like to see my latests come find me on Bloglovin

Until next time folks.

H.Elizabeth x

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