Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Girl with the Green (ish) Coat

Can you tell I've been watching 'Confessions of a Shopaholic?' 

As you'll know if you read my October / Autumnal wants post I have recently been on the hunt for a brand new striking, statement winter coat to break my blackish, grey habit and inject some colour into my life. And I'm ever so pleased to tell you I have done it, and at a discounted price too!

When I'm on the hunt for something I generally stick to my comfort zones, visiting shops like New Look and Dorothy Perkins or sometimes I'll dabble in River Island but only when I'm feeling 'out there' but this year I was tempted in and fell for the M & S ad, which has us all in the grips of their fashion forward talons. Can anyone genuinely say that they haven't nailed their AW14 campaign?!

Basically what prompted this was a very Frozen esque jacket I saw on the advert, you all know the one, the ice blue comfy coat with the white trim around the collar! But of course my practical brain set in and when I tried it on, as much as I loved it, it just wasn't practical for Winter. A nice ice blue ensemble is all very well and good but at almost £80 think of the splashes you'll get from cars on the way to work, or think of the clumsiness of yourself in your oversized winter boots and even think of the marks you'll get just from the falling snow! I couldn't risk it!

So instead I tried on and loved this little ensemble which I only saw by chance as it was the last in it's size and on the wrong rack! It's such a lovely fit and the colour is amazing, on the website it's called 'Emerald' which of course being the film buff I am, just whisked me off to OZ. I also love the black (faux) fur trimmed collar. Having no reservations I of course snapped it up ASAP, and I struck even more luck when I found it was 20% of all M&S coats that weekend! So I only had to pay £69.30, luck of the Irish perhaps?

Limited Edition Faux Fur Collared Neck Coat in Emerald (RRP. £79.00 From M&S)

Sorry that I have spent so much time on a post revolving around a new winter coat but honestly it's exciting when you spot a rare find (in this case a smart, on trend, cost effective winter coat that isn't black!) Have you guys found any AW fashion nuggets on you travels lately? I'd love to hear about them, be sure to drop me a comment below, come tweet at me on the Twittersphere or if you'd like to keep up to date with my latest posts be sure to follow me on Bloglovin
Until next time folks
H.Elizabeth x

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