Sunday, 5 October 2014

Out With the Old | Make Up & Jewellery

I'm a strong believer that a clean and organised work / play environment makes for greater productivity and boosted happiness levels, and that's why recently I've been making the effort to get out with the old and in with the new, clearing out almost 6 years worth of clothing, make up and basically junk that I've always said will 'come in handy eventually' Surprise surprise, they did not.

So today I thought I would share my most recent organisational endeavour and show you the amazing transformation of my make up and jewellery storage.


Messy mayhem, now that it's all clean and tidy I have no idea how I was able to function in this utter mess! I had myself convinced that as long as I knew where everything was that it's alright and it's really not that bad. Oh how deluded I was, the wake up call came when my new lippy was accidentally nudged into my wicker bin (thankfully I rescued it before it was too late!)

After (Tah Dah!)

The sea of glitter parted and tah dah! I finally have the organised make up system I've always wanted! I used a few clear compartmentalised boxes from hobbycraft, one which is divided by square boxes and the other which is actually meant for stationary. The startionary box which is on the right of the picture doesn't actually fit in the drawer properly but is instead propped up which I prefer because I can see the products more clearly without sticking my head in the drawer.

Overall I threw out two black bags worth of 'stuff' which is the only way I can describe it! I seriously cut down my make up collection and only really kept jewellery which I either wore a lot or had sentimental value. You never really realise how much rubbish you buy until you have to spend an entire Saturday afternoon clearing it out!

Top Organisational Tips

#1 Have a plan; There is no way my day would have been half as productive as it was if I hadn't known exactly what I was wanting to do and had laid out all of my tools before hand. Equipped with my clear boxes, a handful of black bags and of course my quippy can do 'tude!

#2 Be firm with yourself; You need to constantly be asking yourself, 'Do I need this?' and 'Would I miss this if it weren't here?' Otherwise you may end up talking yourself into keeping accessories that are really just junk!

#3 Make it fun; if you're not having a nice or fun time clearing out old clothes / make up or jewellery you'll be likely to give up half way through which could leave your storage in a worse state than you found it. Put on some tunes and get the family involved, you'll have such a lauch at some of the things you used to use!

Have you cleared anything out recently? Send me pics of your brand new and improved make up / clothing storage, if you're as proud of yours as I am of mine! Drop me a comment below, come find me on Twitter or keep up to date with my latest posts on Bloglovin, until next time!

H.Elizabeth x

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