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Girls Day Out | Pure Spa

Since finishing university, life has undoubtedly taken over and that's not just for me, but for my friends too who sadly upon graduating returned to their home towns (thankfully still in Scotland...phew!) leaving me all by my lonesome in the Granite City!

So in our efforts to keep in touch we decided that we would meet in our respected towns and cities once a month and either have an activity planned or go for a nice lunch or a little something at least! And this month we decided it was time to wind down and go for a spa afternoon!

Therefore I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my experience of the spa in general, the experience and specifics on my chosen treatments.

What happens when you arrive at Pure Spa

You'll sign in at the reception desk and be given a quick and easy form to fill in (if its your first time) detailing your choices and any ailments you might have. Last time I let them know about a problem I was having skin wise and this helped the therapist determine what kind of treatments and products to use, particularly if you're having a facial.

After filling out your forms a member of the Pure Spa team will escort you through what looks like a maze to a room where you can safely store your belongings and get changed into a big fluffy spa robe. If you're having a facial this is where you can remove your make up and tie up your tresses.

When you are all dressed and ready for some zen you will be taken through to their 'relaxation room' to get some peace, quiet and a beverage (peppermint tea is my poison) Because there was three of us this time this was a great time for us to sit and chat (quietly using our spa voice of course!) and relax in Pure Spa's amazing relaxation pods!

When our appointment times arrived we were all taken by our individual therapists to our seperate rooms to have our chosen treatments.

The Treatments I chose

This time I went for something called the Boosters package (£75) , whcih means  you can choose two treatments from a range of massages, a few miscellaneous treatments or from a variety of facials. Each treatment lasts half an hour which I personally think is better for a massage as I don't think I could lay for an hour without sleeping or flopping off of the table at the end!

Thai Bundle Massage

My lovely therapist asked me if I carried any tension in specific places or if there were any areas I'd particularly like worked on. I like to think I have quite good posture but sometimes this can relate to my stress being carried on my shoulders which is not good!

The massage itself was an experience, they use bundled herbal compresses to warm up the muscles along your back and your therapist will then proceed to stretch the muscles to open them up and repeatedly pat them with the compress. This massage is a detoxifying massage and you'll feel light and very fresh afterwards.

Pure Spa pitch this particuar massage as 'the ultimate tension releasing massage' which if the way I felt is anything to go on is absolutely true, I mean Pure Spa Aberdeen is bang in the middle of our busiest shopping centre and I felt millions of miles away! (thankfully)

Exotic Ginger and Lime Body Scrub

This is something I had before, so my repeat custom speaks for itself, but I'll explain what it is anyway just in case you fancied having a try of it yourself.

I love exfoliation, in fact at my previous job in an aesthetic clinic I was shamed for my love of it as too much exfoliation can scratch the skins surface in a bad bad way, but that's a discussion for another time! And hearing that I could be professionally scrubbed with two of my favourite scents I thought oh yes this is just for me.

These scrubs aren't great for people who are a bit sensitive or have irritation prone skin as the exfoliator is brushed on with a very hard bristled brush up and down your arms and legs (which you MUST remember to shave your legs for ladies!)

Having the scrub after my massage was smart thinking on the therapists part, I felt completely clean, refreshed and relaxed. Following your wash down in their AMAZING showers you'll be treated to a full body moisturisation to  keep your skin silky smooth and sumptuous.

After your treatments

Once you're all relaxed and refreshed your therapist will show you back through to the relaxation room, where they say you're free to stay as long as you like. Were that the case I'd NEVER leave! But we stayed and enjoyed our champagne flutes (filled with water might I add)

The Nasty Bit


In short I do recommend everyone treat themselves once in a while especially in a spa environment, I'm thinking of asking for an expensive facial for Christmas, maybe the diamond peel! Ooh!

Sorry for my unusually long winded post there guys, I was just so excited to share my ace experience with you and I feel like I've just threw up all of my words! Have you tried different treatments at Pure Spa or even another spa, I'd love to hear recommendations or other treatments I may want to try! Let me know in the comments below, come find me on the Twittersphere or if you'd like to keep up with my new posts catch me on Bloglovin!

Until next time folks!

H.Elizabeth x


  1. confession... I've NEVER had a spa treatment! Sounds like heaven though :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    1. It's brilliant, especially the foot treatment you get at the beginning, it's sad that's what I crave since that's the complimentary part haha!



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